ZombiU Survivor is the main protaganist of ZombiU for the Wii U. His chances of making it to the game are small, but not impossible. Every time the survivor dies, the player is respawned as a new random survivor, just like in the game.


A - Cricket Bat Combo

Side A - Shove

Up A - Upper Punch

Down A - Lower Kick

A(Air) - Air Kick

Side A(Air - Front) - Air Frontward Kick

Side A(Air - Back) - Air Backward Kick

Up A(Air) - Air Upper Kick

Down A(Air) - Air Downward Kick

Side Smash Attack - Shotgun

Up Smash - Gernade Throw

Down Smash - Mine Set(Like Snake, except he doesn't dig while charging)

Side Throw(Front) - Kicks the enemy and shots them with a shotgun

Side Throw(Back) - Throws the enemy backwards and shoots them with a pistol

Up Throw - Throws the Enemy into the air, and throws a gernade that hits them

Down Throw - Quickly throws the enemy on the ground along with motov cocktail, and dodges quickly while the enemy burns

Taunt 1(Up) - He searches around the area with his flash light

Taunt 2(Side) - He scans the area with the prepper pad

Taunt 3(Down) - Checks his backpack and eats something, and also recovers 2-3% damage

B - Weapon: Uses the current weapon he has equipped(Pistole/Carbine/AK-47/etc.) If the weapon runs out of ammo, then you press the B button again to reload.

Side B - Hunting Crossbow: Shots an arrow from his crossbow. Has to reload on this one as well.

Up B - Ladder Climb: Climbs a latter upward.

Down B - Weapon Switch: Gets his backpack and switches weapons. You take your time to chose your weapon, because he can still be attacked at any time, just like in his game.

Final Smash - Infected Blast: All the players turn into zombies, then he throws a Flare to the middle of the stage, then a gernade and blows them up and KO's all players except him.

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