Zedd's Putties

Lord Zedd had returned when Rita had failed her mission.  Lord Zedd arrived at the palace and made it his own.  Lord Zedd had also brought along his own putties.  Lord Zedd shrunk Rita and had Goldar placed her into a dumpster and she was sent out into the far reaches of the universe.  Lord Zedd then decided to take care of the Rangers at once and sent down his putties.  The putties went to Angel Grove where they scared Bulk & Skull.  The Rangers quickly arrived.  The putties battled the Rangers.  The Rangers had a more difficult time with them until they discovered they could be destroyed by hitting the Z on their chest.  The putties were destroyed.

Lord Zedd's monster Pirantishead had the Tyrannosaurus and the Dragonzord under it's spell.  The rest of the zords were frozen.  Lord Zedd wanted Pirantishead to go ahead and attack Angel Grove.  To distract the Rangers, Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The putties battled Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Green Ranger.  Eventually the putties would be destroyed.

Lord Zedd had created the monster, Primator.  Primator was capable of assuming anyone's identity.  Primator assumed Zack's form and tricked Kimberly and Trini into going to the park to help Tommy.  Lord Zedd sent down four putties to battle the girls.  The putties battled Trini and Kimberly,  and they were eventually destroyed by Kimberly and Trini.  Later, the Power Rangers would destroy Primator.

Lord Zedd had cast a spell on Billy's and Zack's glasses that cause them to see their fellow Rangers as putties.  To keep the confusion up, Lord Zedd then sent down several real putties down into the park where Billy and Zack were walking.  Billy and Zack soon discovered that the putties were not their friends.  But then four more putties teleported in.  Zack and Billy stayed on the sidelines as they watch the putties battle each other.  Zack was about to strike a putty, but it turned out to be Trini.  The Rangers destroyed the putties.

A putty was in the Chamber of Command with a cactus plant.  Lord Zedd had made a jealousy potion and poured it over the cactus plant.  Lord Zedd planned to use Kimberly's jealousy to drive a rift in the Rangers.  The putty took the cactus plant and teleported to right outside the Youth Center.  The putty then assumed an anonymous human form and entered the Youth Center.  Kimberly was away from her booth, talking to Ernie.  The putty used this distract to his advantage and switch the plants.  The putty then walked out, undetected.  Lord Zedd's plan worked for awhile, but eventually Kimberly would break through the spell and the team was stronger than ever.

Several putties, along with the Stag Beetle, were in the park where Kimberly and Tommy were jogging.  The two teens morphed when they saw them.  The putties battled Pink Ranger as Stag Beetle drained Green Ranger of his powers.  The rest of the Rangers arrived and destroyed the putties.  Stag Beetle had gotten away with Green Ranger's powers.  Later, more putties would battle alongside Stag Beetle as he battled the Rangers with Green Ranger's powers.  Stag Beetle would lose the Green Ranger's powers when Green Ranger arrived and used the transducer device to get his powers back.  The Stag Beetle was destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Bulk & Skull had disguised themselves as putties in order to lure the Power Rangers, and then reveal who they are.  Bulk & Skull ran around the beach and in the process squash a sand castle.  The kid, who had built the castle, gave Bulk & Skull a kick in the legs.  Bulk & Skull took off.  Trini had laughed and remarked now that is a putty.  Lord Zedd had overheard her remark and was furious that the teenage twerps would mock his putties.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties, along with Goldar, to kidnap Hallie, Trini's neighbor.  The putties arrived on the beach with Goldar and quickly captured Hallie.  Kimberly, Trini, and Tommy had come running when they heard Hallie tell someone to let her go.  Goldar mocked the three teens and then vanished with the putties and Hallie.  Hallie would later be rescued by the Power Rangers.

Tommy's powers had been drained.  Now Lord Zedd wanted to do the same to the rest of the Rangers.  Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Zack had been a road trip.  Jason was feeling guilty about what had happened.  The four teens were looking for Tommy, in hopes of cheering up Jason.  The four teens soon realized they were lost and pulled over.  They were looking at a map of the area, on the hood of the car, when Goldar appeared.  The teens quickly morphed.  Several putties arrived as well.  Goldar had no problem capturing the four teens.  They would later be rescue by Red Ranger and Lord Zedd's plan to drain them of their powers failed.

Lord Zedd wanted to cast a hallucination spell on the Rangers that would make them think they were fighting monsters from the past.  Billy, Zack, and Kimberly were walking in the park with a trumpet when Goldar sent down several putties.  The putties launch an attack on Kimberly, Billy, and Zack.  As the three teens battle the putties, one putty managed to get away and unseen, sprinkle the spell onto the trumpet.  The three teens defeated the putties, and headed to the Youth Center.  As Curtis played his trumpet, the spell was cast over Trini, Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kimberly.  Lord Zedd then need a monster.  After the concert, another putty was sent down and grab the trumpet when no one was looking.  The putty took the trumpet to the park and placed it on the ground.  Lord Zedd then transform the trumpet into Trumpet Top.  Unfortunately, Lord Zedd's plan did not work and in the end, the Rangers destroy Trumpet Top, breaking the spell.

After the 1st Annual World Teen Summit meeting, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha had taken the six delegates to the Angel Grove park.  They were all having a good time, until several putties showed up.  Billy had Tamara run away, but the rest of the delegates were still there.  Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Kimberly stood in front of the remaining delegates and told them to go and hide, which they did.  The putties battled Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, Kimberly, and Adam.  As they battle, Goldar captured the delegates.  The putties were destroyed and Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, and Billy realized the delegates had been captured.  Later, the Rangers would rescue the delegates and destroy Lord Zedd's monster, Four Head.

Lord Zedd had decided he would make Tommy his new evil heir.  To keep the Rangers busy, he recreated Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel.  This monster would take some time before it was ready.  The teens had been playing in the park and had gotten near the statue, which is what Lord Zedd had used to create Nimrod.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties, to keep the teens away from the statue.  The putties battled the teens.  Eventually the teens destroyed them.

Lord Zedd had learned of Rita Repulsa's return.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties to search for her.  The putties were searching for her when Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Black Ranger arrived.  The putties battled the three Rangers.  The putties were destroyed.  Later, the Rangers, with the addition of White Ranger, would find Rita.  The Rangers put her back in her dumpster and sent back into space.

Lord Zedd had been watching Kimberly and Tommy on their date.  Lord Zedd had decided with an extra Ranger, he needed an extra monster.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The putties battled Kimberly and Tommy in the park.  One putty slip away with Kimberly's purse.  The putty took the lipstick out of the purse and glanced at it curiously.  The putty then placed both items onto the ground, which Lord Zedd transform into Pursehead and Lipsyncher.  Back at the park, Kimberly and Tommy destroyed the putties they were battling.  Later the Rangers would destroy Pursehead and Lipsyncher.

Lord Zedd had decided he wanted to use Billy's device to turn into Magnet Brian.  Billy was alone in the park with his device.  Lord Zedd sent down Goldar and several putties.  The putties and Goldar arrived in the park.  The putties battled Billy, along with Goldar.  Goldar grab the device and left.  The putties continued to battle Billy until they were destroyed.  Magnet Brian was a success.  Lord Zedd was pleased and decided he wanted to get rid of Pink Ranger next.  Lord Zedd sent Goldar and several more putties into the woods.  Kimberly was there with Laura and their troop.  Kimberly had put Laura in charge as she searched for a "park ranger".  Instead Kimberly contacted Zordon and then teleported to the Command Center.  Goldar and the putties searched the woods.  Zordon was aware of the danger and although Billy wanted to go, Tommy was sent down.  The putties and Goldar battled White Ranger in front of Laura and the troop.  Most of the putties were destroyed in the battle.  Goldar eventually retreated with a couple of putties that were helping him to stand up again.  The rest of the Rangers would destroy Magnet Brian.

Lord Zedd has summon five putties.  Goldar stood close by.  Lord Zedd wanted the putties to disguise themselves as children in Halloween costumes.  They were to lure Tommy out and then Goldar would transport him to the haunted forest dimension.  There Tommy would have to fight previous monsters on his own.  The putties left for Angel Grove.  Just outside the Youth Center, they formed a huddle and then transform into small children in Power Ranger costumes.  The "children" walked into the Youth Center.  Tommy greeted them, as he was their chaperone.  From joking with the "kids", Tommy left to take them trick or treating.  Soon they were on the sidewalks of Angel Grove's neighborhood.  Goldar appeared in front of them.  Tommy was ready to protect the "children", but they reveal themselves to be putties.  The putties battled Tommy.  Goldar used the flame of his sword to transport Tommy into the haunted forest dimension.  Later, Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger arrived in the dimension.  Blue Ranger tossed Tommy his morpher.  The three Rangers battled the monsters and defeated them.  The three Rangers then escaped from the dimension.

Several putties were sent down to the Youth Center.  They arrived in the parking lot of the Youth Center.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were there.  They had heard Aisha scream, but couldn't help as the putties quickly began to battle them.  The putties were a distraction as Goldar captured Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson.  The putties battled Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly until they were destroyed.  Several more putties were in the cave of despair.  Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson were there with their hands chained up.  The putties kept an eye on their captives.  Goldar wanted them to come to the dark side and work for Lord Zedd.  The three teens refused.  Goldar laughed and told them to think wisely before vanishing.

Lord Zedd had unleash Terror Blossom.  The Rangers were ready to battle.  Terror Blossom had several putties with him.  The putties battled the Rangers until they were destroyed.  Terror Blossom had managed to get away.  Elsewhere, several putties were in the cave of despair, guarding Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  Aisha managed to pick the lock on her chains with a hair pin.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam were free.  The putties battled the three teens.  Goldar arrived and he was not happy to see the three teens had set themselves free.   Goldar used golden energy from his sword, to capture the teens.  The putties placed the chains back on Aisha, Adam, and Rocky. Goldar then set down the Serpent of Darkness.  In one hour the wooden serpent would turn real.  Once the serpent strikes Adam, Rocky, and Aisha, they will have no choice, they will become evil warriors for Lord Zedd.

Several putties stood outside the entrance of the dimension of despair.  Four of the Rangers arrived.  The putties battled White Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger manage to slip inside the cave.  Yellow Ranger freed Mr. Anderson and teleported out.  Blue Ranger freed Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  The three teens hurried outside.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam helped the two Power Rangers, by also battling the putties.  Eventually the putties were destroyed.

The 1st Annual World Teen Summit was being held in Angel Grove.  There were six delegates from around the world.  Lord Zedd decided he wanted these delegates to become his Power teens.  Several putties were sent down to the park where Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, and Kimberly had taken the delegates.  Tamara had managed to run to the safety of the Youth Center.  Billy, Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, Kimberly, and Adam formed a protective barrier around the five delegates and told them to hid.  The five delegates did so.  The putties battle Rocky, Tommy, Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, and Billy.  Meanwhile, more putties arrived with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  They easily captured the delegates and lead them to a cave.  The cave was protected by a force field.  The putties in the park were destroyed by the teens.  Later, the Power Rangers would arrive.  The putties and Goldar battled the Rangers.  The Rangers destroyed most of the putties.  Two of the putties help Goldar to his feet and they retreated with him.  The delegates were rescued by the Power Rangers.

Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly were cheering their new friends, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha in the Stone Canyon Triathlon.  While they were busy Lord Zedd created Beamcaster.  Beamcaster soon had the citizens under his evil spell, including Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Red Ranger.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy were headed back when Lord Zedd sent down several putties to keep them busy and away from Beamcaster.  The putties battled Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam were close by, riding on their bikes as part of the Triathlon when they stopped to help.  The putties battled all six teens and were destroyed by them.  Later the Rangers would destroy Beamcaster.

Lord Zedd wanted to prevent Zordon from replacing three of his Rangers.  Jason, Zack, and Trini had been selected to go to Switzerland.  Goldar had reported to him that the Rangers had left Earth and were heading to the deserted planet.  Lord Zedd sent down Baboo and Squatt to Angel Grove with a sleep machine.  With everyone asleep, Zordon could not select new replacements.  It worked, except for Adam, Rocky, and Aisha.  The three teens were in the park, trying to stop the sleep machine.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The putties battled Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.  The putties defeated the three teens and chained them to a tree.  Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Goldar headed towards the deserted planet in Serpentera.

Several putties were in Angel Grove park.  They were protecting the sleep machine.  Rocky, Aisha, and Adam were still chained to the tree.  Suddenly Adam cry out run Rocky.  The putties went over to investigate.  The putties were surprised when Aisha, Adam, and Rocky broke free and began battling them.  The putties were destroyed by the three teens, along with the sleep machine.

Angel Grove High School was having a vice versa dance, where the girls ask the guys to the dance.  Adam hadn't been asked.  Lord Zedd plan to have Scorpina, disguised as a fellow teen, Sabrina, lured Adam away.  Before Lord Zedd could get his plans in action, Aisha had told Adam that Sarah Diaz was interested in him.  To prevent Adam from talking to Sarah, Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The putties battled Adam in the park and were destroyed.  By the time the battle was over, Sarah was gone.  Lord Zedd's plans soon went into action.  The following day, Sabrina, Adam, and Aisha were on a hike.  Soon Sabrina revealed herself to be Scorpina.  Adam and Aisha were tied to a tree.  Goldar and several putties appeared.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrived.  The putties battled the Rangers as Adam and Aisha were freed.  The putties were destroyed by the Rangers.  The Rangers would defeat Goldar and Scorpina.

Lord Zedd wanted to scatter the Rangers' brains.  Goldar sent down several putties to get Adam's kaleidoscope.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were in the park and Kimberly had the kaleidoscope.  Several putties arrived.  The putties battled the three teens.  During the battle, Adam's kaleidoscope was turned into Scatterbrain.  Scatterbrain then scrambled Billy's, Tommy's, and Kimberly's brain.  Later, Scatterbrain scrambled Aisha's, Adam's, and Rocky's brains as well.  It had looked like Lord Zedd's plan worked.  But Bulk & Skull faced down Scatterbrain.  They held Billy's prisms and when Scatterbrain hit them, the teens' memories were restored.  Bulk & Skull's memories of who the Power Rangers are were erased.  The Rangers then destroyed Scatterbrain.

Lord Zedd had cast an irresponsibility spell on Rocky through Ernie's pachinko machine.  Billy had left to fill in Kimberly, Adam, Tommy, and Aisha on what was going on with Rocky.  The five teens headed back to the Youth Center to talk to Rocky.  Lord Zedd did not want their interference and sent down several putties.  The putties battled the five teens until they were destroyed.  Later, the spell was broken and the Rangers destroyed Lord Zedd's latest monster Pachinko Head.

Lord Zedd was in the process of creating Flamehead.  Lord Zedd wanted Flamehead to burn down Angel Grove unless the Rangers surrendered.  Adam, Rocky, and Tommy were running in the park.  Lord Zedd wanted to keep them occupied, so he sent down several putties.  The putties battled Rocky, Tommy, and Adam until they were destroyed.  Later, the Rangers would destroy Flamehead.    

Lord Zedd had wanted to send the Rangers to the lost universe.  Lord Zedd wanted Goldar to steal an item from the teens scavenger hunt.  Goldar had several putties go down to the park, where they battle Billy, Rocky, and Aisha.  The putties managed to get the sack with the scavenger hunt items in it.  A toy cannon was placed on the ground and Lord Zedd turned into Cannontop.  Cannontop had the ability to transport the Rangers into the lost universe.  Instead, the Rangers battled and destroyed Cannontop.

Goldar had captured Kimberly and Shawna.  The girls were placed in a cave, protected by a force field and several putties.  The putties guarded the girls until White Ranger arrived.  The putties battled White Ranger.  White Ranger destroyed them and rescue the girls.  Elsewhere, several putties were with Jaws of Destruction.  The putties battled the four Rangers.  Pink Ranger soon joined them.  The putties were destroyed by the Rangers.  Jaws of Destruction was destroyed by the Rangers as well.

Lord Zedd had used the Rock of Time and reverse Earth's rotation.  This made everyone go back in time about ten years.  The Rangers were no longer teens, but children.  Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tommy, and Aisha were playing in the park.  Lord Zedd decided to send down several putties to finish them off.  The putties landed in the park and quickly surrounded the kids.  Initially the kids were frighten, but they used their dodge ball against the putties.  Even Bulk & Skull joined in.  Soon, the kids discovered if you hit the Z, you destroyed the putties.  Soon the putties were destroyed.  Lord Zedd was furious.  Lord Zedd then created Photomare who trapped the children into a picture.

Alpha 5 had release the children from the photograph and returned them to teenagers.  Lord Zedd was furious and made Photomare giant size.  Lord Zedd also sent down several putties to battle along with Goldar.  The putties and Goldar battled White Ranger as the rest of the Rangers formed their Megazord and battled Photomare.  Eventually Photomare was destroyed.  White Ranger destroyed the putties.  The rest of the Rangers joined White Ranger.  Zordon contacted them and informed them the Rock of Time had grown unstable and they needed to destroy it.  The Rangers arrived at the Rock of Time.  It was being protected by several more putties, Goldar, Invenusable Flytrap, Dramole, and Oysterizer.  The putties, Goldar, and the monsters battled the Rangers.  The putties and the monsters were destroyed by the Rangers.  Goldar was defeated and the Rock of Time was destroyed, reverting Earth back to it's present time.

Several putties attended the wedding of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.  Finster perform the ceremony.  Several monsters were there, along with Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt.  A fun reception followed.  The putties danced to the music along with everyone else.  Everyone, except Goldar, had a good time.

Lord Zedd wanted to send the Rangers back in time.  Rita had gone to see Ghost of Darkness with the request.  Ghost of Darkness sent Wizard of Deception down to Angel Grove.  Wizard of Deception needed some of Tommy's hair in order to create evil Green Ranger.  Wizard of Deception appeared in front of Tommy, along with several putties.   The putties battled Tommy.  Soon Billy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Kimberly were there as well.  The putties battled the teens.  A couple of putties held Tommy away from the rest.  Wizard of Deception hit Tommy with energy, which knocked him out.  A putty cut Tommy's hair and gave it to Wizard of Deception.  Wizard of Deception vanished.  The putties were destroyed by the teens.

The plan was working well, but Lord Zedd wanted White Ranger out of the way and had Goldar send down several putties.  The putties arrived in Angel Grove.  The putties battled White Ranger and were destroyed by him.  Later White Ranger would destroy Wizard of Deception.  This broke the spell Green Ranger was under.  Green Ranger, Tom, would go back to the colonial era and stay there.

Several putties were sent down with Goldar.  The day before,  Baboo and Squatt had used a magic rope that Rita had given them.  The magic rope had turned Tommy and Kimberly against each other.  Rita then sent down a note attached to Tommy's locker.  The note had stated it had information that would destroy Kimberly.  Tommy went to the park.  The putties and Goldar attacked Tommy.  Soon the rest of the Rangers arrived.  The putties were destroyed.  Later the spell would be broken.

Rita had trapped Tommy, Kimberly, and Rocky into a fairy tale book.  Lord Zedd wanted to make sure the story never ended, that way the three teens would be trapped forever.  Lord Zedd sent down several putties.  The book had been in the trash, but had been picked up by two teen boys.  The putties looked into the trash bin, but there was no book.  The putties followed the two boys, and then managed to get inside the story.  Instead of stealing the toys, the putties goof around.  When Lord Zedd show them, he became angry and used his staff to make them behave.  The putties quickly stole the toys.

Lord Zedd had decided to take advantage of a time hole in Angel Grove, by sending several putties, Goldar, and Needlenose through it.  Lord Zedd wanted to destroy the past, to make sure the Power Rangers were never born.  Several putties, Goldar, and Needlenose landed in Angel Grove and hurried towards the time hole.  Five of the Rangers arrive.  The putties and Goldar battled the Rangers.  Needlenose then shot the Rangers with needles.  The Rangers were hurt and could not move.  The putties hurried through the time hole.  They landed in 1880's Angel Grove.  The putties had the people running scare.  The putties knocked out several and took their clothing.  The putties were having a good time.  Soon Goldar and Needlenose arrived as well.  Goldar laughed to see the chaos around him.

Goldar:  Citizens, your masters want to welcome you to your new town of Zedd-And-Ritaville.  Goldar laughed.  Kimberly was with her new friends, William, Miss Alicia, Abraham, and Rocko.  Kimberly:  Come on you guys.  Let's get out of here before Goldar spots us.  William:  That's Goldar?  Goldar heard them.  Goldar:  You?!  Kimberly:  Run!  The putties lined up with Goldar and Needlenose and faced down Kimberly.  The putties and Goldar easily defeated Kimberly.  Later Kimberly would return with her new friends.  The putties began to battle them.  White Stranger arrived and helped in the battle.  Kimberly and her new friends morphed.  The putties continued their battled until they were destroyed.  Goldar and Needlenose were knocked back into the time during the battle.  Needlenose was destroyed by the Rangers in present time.

Rita and Lord Zedd plan to create an Evil Billy with a statue created by Violet.  Several putties were sent down into the park to battle the teens.  During the battle, Billy was captured and placed in the Dark Dimension.  Billy was replaced with Evil Billy.  The putties were defeated.  Later, Evil Billy had gotten everyone, except Tommy's, communicators and morphers.  Several putties and Goldar were sent down to destroy the five teens.  The putties and Goldar battled the five teens.  Eventually Billy escaped and got to the park.  Billy tossed his friends their morphers.  Evil Billy morphed as well.  The five Rangers soon figured out who was the real Blue Ranger and destroyed Evil Billy.

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