Yae and ker katana

Artwork of Yae

Artwork of Yae

Yae for SSB4!

Yae for SSB4!

Artwork of Yae.

Yae for SSB4!

Yae slashes with her katana

Yae slashes with her katana

Yae with her bazooka

Yae holding her bazooka

Yae using her recovery Wind Kunoichi Jump

Yae using her recovery Wind Kunoichi Jump

Yae as a Mermaid

Mermaid Yae

Boxart of Goemon with his pet tiger Kotara

Boxart of Goemon with his pet tiger Kotora

Alternate Yae costume

Alternate Costume for Yae

Alternate Costume for Yae

Alternate Costume for Yae

Yae (Pronounced Yie) (nicknamed The Green Haired Kunoichi) is a female ninja, Goemon's love interest, and the main heroine of the Ganbare Goemon series is a possible newcomer for SSB4. Goemon and she were created by the 3rd-party company Konami and are very popular in Japan.

Goemon and Yae are retro characters and representatives of old school games in Japan and a fit to the "East vs. West" theme rumored by a Namco worker.   

The Edo Town and Peach Mountain stages are Yae's homestages.


A ninja from the Secret Investigational Ninjas, a group of highly trained ninjas, she is the best kunoichi of them all and in the world as she is very skilled with not only the ways of the ninja, but also Mermaid Magic. Yae first meets Goemon when he rescued her from being captive in Mystical Ninja 1. Goemon rescues her again in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for the Game Boy. Yae's first playable appearance is in Mystical Ninja 3. Since later games, Yae has constantly been at Goemon's aid and will support him when necessary.   

Theme Music - Theme of MYSTICAL NINJA -


Yae is a middleweight character. Yae's main weapon is the Katana. She also has a Bazooka as her secondary weapon and shuriken. Goemon is stronger than Yae, but Yae has more range in her attacks, Yae is slightly taller, lighter, and floatier than Goemon, they both have the same amount of speed. Like Goemon has Judo Techniques, Her technique is Healing.

Yae has the ability to crawl, wall jump, and wall cling just like other characters. For tradition, Yae will still speak in her Japanese voice that she has in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.    

Age - 17

Element - Wind


Neutral Attack - Katana Swing - Swings the katana around her body. 

Forward Tilt - Pork Chops - Does an overhead swing with her katana from head to toe.

Up Tilt - Kicks up, and lets her leg down in an axe-like way.

Down Tilt - Basement Dwell - Swings her katana in front of her while she is crawling.

Dash Attack - Does a quick upward diagonal slash with her katana that has medium lag, high range, and relatively high damage. Depending if it's tipped or not, it can either send opponents behind her or above her. 


Forward Smash - Kicks twice in front of her, has moderate knockback. Decent for racking up damage.

Up Smash - Performs an upward scissor kick. It is performed on the ground. This move hits twice.  

Down Smash - Freestyler - A long-ranged breakdance-like sweep with multiple hits. 


Neutral Aerial - Two horizontal slashes with the katana around herself.

Forward Aerial - Break Like the Wind - Kicks both feet forward. Yae's body is surrounded by a wind effect.

Back Aerial - Does 8 very quick stabs behind her with the katana.

Up Aerial - Spins in a drill upward. Yae's body is surrounded by windy lines.

Down Aerial - A forward to back downward slash with the katana. When tipped, it is a meteor smash with high base knockback.


Standard Special - Bazooka - Fires a cannonball (can be fired upwards during charge up). If the Special button is held, Yae will glow and the foes will have white circle-shaped targeting reticules around their bodies, then release the button, Yae will shoot three cannonballs that will home in on the foes and follow them until they make contact with the characters or other things and explode.

Side Special - Shuriken - Yae throws three shuriken. If the button is held, Yae will glow and charge up for 2 and a half seconds. When fully charged Yae will throw wind shaped like shuriken called Wind Shuriken. If the control stick is tilted up during the charge she will throw them diagonally upwards.

Up Special - Wind Kunoichi Jump - Yae with wind surrounding her shoots up spinning horizontally in the air with great vertical distance. Characters will be hit multiple times if they are caught in the wind.

Down Special - Katana/Bazooka Strike - Yae lifts her katana, and then plunges it downward into the ground in front of him which then creates an earthquake. However if her down special is used in the air, Yae fires her bazooka downwards and when the cannonball hits the ground it makes the earthquake.

Final Smash - Mermaid - Type - Transformation - Yae transforms into Mermaid Yae. She gets to fly around the stage moderately fast. The transformation lasts for about 15 seconds. If the attack button is pressed, Yae can swing her katana while moving. If the special button is pressed Yae will attack with her bazooka and the cannon balls will move at high speeds.


Grab - Snatches the character.

Pummel - Backhand slap

Forward Throw - Yae elbows the enemy with her left arm.

Back Throw - Yae throws the enemy behind her and kicks backwards.

Up Throw - Punches the foe upward with an uppercut.

Down Throw - Yae throws the enemy down to the ground, flips, and axe kicks the enemy's midsection, sending the enemy upward and forward slightly. It hits twice.


Up Taunt -  Plays the flute.

Side Taunt - Drinks from a cup of tea then sighs.

Down Taunt - Holds up her pocket mirror open to her face then puts makeup on. 


Symbol - Goemon's head and hair as a black silhouette.

Crowd Cheer - "Yaaaay Yae!"

Idle Pose 1 - Brushes her hair with her hand once.

Idle Pose 2 - Looks up at the sky while the wind is blowing her hair up.

When Yae is not attacking with her katana she has it in it's scabbard on her back.

When Kirby swallows Yae with his Inhale, he will wear Yae's hair and copy her move Bazooka.


Victory Music - Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Impact Victory Music 

Kotora appears in all of Yae's victory poses.

Victory Pose 1 - Falls from the Sky then sheaths her katana.

Victory Pose 2 - Drinks from a cup of tea then sighs.

Victory Pose 3 - Plays the flute then the blue dragon from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon puts her on his back and flies her away.

Palette Swaps

Yae's alternate costume should be the one seen above.

Default Color - Purple


Goemon (love interest), Kotora (Goemon's pet), Ebisumaru, Sasuke, Impact (friend and ally), Princess Yuki, Lord Yuki, Kurobei, Omitsu, Wise Man, Fine Art, Baking, Sweet Red Bean Cakes


Ghosts, Zombies, Spring Breeze Dancin' (Danshin Harukaze) and Kitty Lily (Margaret Ranko), Bismaru, Seppukumaru

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