Tabuu, Narrating: Long ago in the World of Trophies, lives a group of great warriors who not only fight each other for the fun of it, they also use their amazing skills on the forces of evil. They are known as the Smash Bros. They are the mightiest fighters you have ever seen. Once they have stopped me and the Subspace Army from destroying their world. But, now, there is a new evil comming, ten times stronger than the Subspace Army. It is, the bad guys My dad, GigaDeath, is the head  of the class. He is the most evil guy you have ever seen. However the Smash Bros. are preparing their ultimate battle with him. A group of heroes called the good guys was born. It consists of the world's greatest heroes and heroines. It was also the time that I, Tabuu, was resurrected by that time by the heroes. I will now aid them in combat and not cause any trouble like I did last time. And so, our story begins... Cue the music!

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