The Werehog is a night version of Sonic. His arms can stretch and are very powerful, although he is much slower. He could be a final Smash switch after Sonic's Super Sonic move (which will probably be improved) He's heavier and Stronger and he runs on all fours but walks on his feet.

Possible Moveset

Standard attack: a punch which goes into a combo of punches (he doesn't kick)

Standard side: stretchis his arm abit for a longer reach punch

Up Tilt: Punches over his head

Down Tilt:stretches his arm across the ground clawing what's in front of him

Dash attack: spins around stretch punching his arms around him

He stretches out his arm for a grab (works like clawshot and samus's beam grapple)

standard grab attack: hits your head with his fist

Forward:throws you forward stretches arms out and claps a smash on you

Backward:throws behind and punches

Up: throws you upward as he claws you

Down: He slams you to the ground as he pummels you with a few punches

Standard Air: an air punch

Forward Air: Puts both hands together and slams them forward

Back Air: throws his arms behind him

Up Air: red glow on his fist as it goes upward

Down Air: Uses the spikes on his shoes for a downward strike

Forward Smash:slams both arms on the ground before him

Up Smash: a stronger ground version of the up air move

Down Smash: Slams his fist on the ground on both sides of him

Standard Special: uses his fist directing it like the homing attack

Side Special: Multi punch

Up Special: stretches his arm upward

Down Special: smashes the ground with his fists (Similar to DK)

Up Taunt: Roars trying to be scary

Side Taunt: Does The Unleashed Mode look

DownTaunt:I*Is that all you got?* while putting his hand on his head disappointed looking

Going Unleashed Mode

Final Smash: Unleashed Mode

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