Zelda MC Vaati by AwesomeShinigami

Vaati is an evil wizard from The Legend of Zelda franchise. He was once a Minish who studied under Ezlo. Over the years Vaati became corrupted and turned Ezlo into a hat. He entered Hyrule in search of the mythical Light Force. The Light Force was contained inside of Zelda but Vaati unknowingly turned her into stone. He was the final boss of the Minish Cap where he was defeated by Toon Link.


B- Magic Ball- Vaati shoots a ball of magic

B> - Sword Swipe- Vaati attacks with a sword

B down - Wind Mage Twister- Vaati creates a tornado of wind around him

B up - Wind Mage Wings- Vaati grows wings and flies into the sky

Final Smash - Wind Mage- Vaati transforms into his wind mage form

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