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Classic Link

Classic Link weilds the Tempered Master Sword and the Fighter's Shield

Classic Link weilds the Tempered Master Sword and Fighter's Shield as his primary weapons

Classic Link for SSb4!

Classic Link for SSB4!


Ravio's Bracelet is what Classic Link wears which can turn him into a drawing

Tempered Level 2 Master Sword

Tempered/ Level 2 Master Sword

Fighter's Shield (it's color is dark blue and is darker than the Hylian Shield)

Fighter's Shield (it's color is dark blue and is darker than the Hylian Shield)

Silver Bow

Silver Bow

Artwork of the Silver Arrow

Artwork of The Silver Arrow

Artwork of the Fire Rod

Artwork of the Fire Rod

Tornado Rod

Tornado Rod

514px-ALBW Link Flight

Classic Link using the Tornado Rod to fly.

Artwork of the Bug-catching-Net

Artwork of the Net



Artwork of the Hammer

Artwork of the Hammer

Artwork of the Ice Rod

Artwork of the Ice Rod

Artwork of the Sand Rod

Artwork of the Sand Rod

Golden Master Sword Level 3 Master Sword

The Golden Master Sword/Level 3 Master Sword is used for Classic Link's final smash

Mirror Shield from A Link to the Past

The Mirror Shield is used for Classic Link's final smash

Titan's Mitt

Titan's Mitt

Pegasus Boots

Pegasus Boots

Roc's Feather

Roc's Feather

120px-ALBW Link Drawing

Classic Link and his drawn self


Classic Link's bell


Zora Flippers

Magical Sword

The Magical Sword is Classic Link's sword when he is wearing his Lavender Tunic

Lorulean Shield

The Lorulean Shield is Classic Link's Shield when he is using his Ravio palette swap

644px-Dark Link ALBW

Dark Classic Link holding the Bomb and Hookshot

Classic Link
"Classic Link"

Classic Link is the protagonist of his latest appearence The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and a possible newcomer for SSB4. He is another one of the requested Zelda characters with a very unique ability. He is currently surpassing Young Link in being voted raising his chances of being in the game. He could be put in to promote his games which are very popular (A Link Between Worlds won Handheld Game of the Year at the 17th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards. The awards recognize outstanding achievements in games and development, especially games which push the boundaries of creativity and artistic expression in the worldwide interactive entertainment industry. A Link Between Worlds was an overall Game of the Year nominee). His appearence is derived from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This incarnation of Link hails from the The Hero is Defeated/Decline/Fallen Hero/Downfall Timeline, this timeline occurs if Link is defeated by Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time, and is then followed by A Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, Link's Awakening, A Link Between Worlds, The Original Legend of Zelda, and finally Zelda II:The Adventure of Link. If he makes it in the next Super Smash Bros. games, then a Link from each of the timelines in the Zelda Timeline would be playable. From the Downfall Timeline, along with Classic Link are Classic Zelda and Classic Ganon. However, Classic Link will be the only standalone playable character as he is the star of the Downfall Timeline games, Classic Zelda will be a alternate costume of Zelda and Classic Ganon will be Ganondorf's final smash.      

The Hyrule/Lorule stage is Classic Link's homestage.  



Link as he appears in A Link Between Worlds, he was just a regular lad who served as an appearentice for a famous Blacksmith but he was given a bracelet from a mysterious shopkeeper which gives him the power to merge with his surroundings. When the Sages, the descendants of their predecessors are being kidnapped and turned into drawings, its up to him to save Hyrule and the Other World from this new threat, who is seeking perfection, he is planning to revive an old enemy, and is doing all of this for someone he refers to as "Her Grace".    


Classic Link has a personality that is different from Link and Toon Link's. Link is more proud and wild like a feral beast (quoted by Telma in Twilight Princess), Toon Link puts more effort into things and panics when something is wrong Toon Link has the courage but not the brains, Classic Link is much more gentle and has a compassionate nature like a bunny.


Classic Link is a middleweight character. Classic Link plays more in between Link and Toon Link when it comes to power and speed and has an incredibly different sword-style (he uses sword-stabs much more often than the other Links and shoots sword beams) as well as using many of the unique items including the magic rods (such as the Fire Rod and Tornado Rod), these items show Classic Link relies on magic. Classic Link uses the Master Sword (in Tempered/Level 2 form) and Fighter's Shield (from A Link to the Past) as his primary weapons unlike Link and Toon Link. However, his other weapons, moves, and Final Smash will be different, so he is not a direct clone. The bracelet he wears gives him the ability to become a drawing. Classic Link does not hold his shield in front of him when crouching. Instead, it is on his back while he only holds his sword in front of him. Classic Link has the ability to crawl, wall jump, and wall cling just like other characters.   

Classic Link's appearence will be taken from his official artwork from A Link Between Worlds (seen above) instead of his gameplay appearence.

Classic Link runs slightly slower, has more range, and is stronger than Toon Link, but is faster, has less range, and weaker than regular Link, he also weighs more and is less floaty than Toon Link but weighs less and is more floaty than regular Link, Classic Link jumps higher than both Links. Classic Link has the ability to crawl just like other characters.

Classic Link's cosmetic difference is he is shorter than Link, and taller than Toon Link (having the same height as Young Link from Melee), he has brown sleeves, white tights, orange hair, his tunic is darker than both Links and his cap has a yellow line all around the base of his cap. He is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga.   

Age - 11

Sword hand - Left-handed

Classic Link's trailer

The trailer starts off inside of a Fissure (from A Link Between Worlds) then light engulfs the screen, the light disappears showing Hyrule Castle. The screen then shows Link and Toon Link having a sword sparring match and Zelda spectating. They have a sword to sword struggle with Link overpowering Toon Link, however Toon Link rolls behind him pushing Link away by jumping and slashing his sword at him. Then they both jump in the air at eachother (in slow motion while the screen turns white), but before they could attack, Classic Link (in normal motion) jumps in between them doing his aerial Spin Attack sending them both crashing to the ground. Zelda is surprised to see another Link, then (with the Hyrule Music - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Hyrule Overworld Theme playing Classic Link turns to smile at the camera and the screen says Classic Link finds a new world! After that he does a fist pump showing off Ravio's Bracelet thats glowing purple. Then there are scenes showing Classic Link fighting other characters showing off his moveset. After the scenes (and the music ending), the trailer ends with Link, Toon Link, and Classic Link holding their swords in the air touching eachother (similar to the three musketeers doing the all for one and one for all pose).  


Classic Link (on the ground) can fire Sword Beams when he slashes his sword (only at full health). 

Neutral Attack - Swipes his sword across his body, however holding the button after the third hit makes him unleash a flurry of very fast sword stabs.

Up Tilt - An upward thrust with average knockback. It has three hitboxes that produce the same damage and the same knockback.

Forward Tilt - A powerful horizontal slash. Can be angled up or down.

Down Tilt - He does a quick crouching sword poke which Meteor Smashes.

Dash Attack - Does an overhead swing to the ground in front of him with the sword. Classic Link slides a little when swinging. Classic Link gets a slight speed boost due to wearing the Pegasus Boots.


Forward Smash - Sword Beam - Classic Link does a single powerful stab and shoots a sword beam in front of him regardless if he has taken damage (Both the stab and sword beam have a hitbox). This move pushes him slightly forward after the move.

Up Smash - Sand Rod - The Sand Rod allows Classic Link to make two solid walls of sand rise in front of him and behind him. The sand walls hit once and consist above average knockback.

Down Smash - Ice Rod - The Ice Rod launches balls of ice, it drops an ice block in front of Classic Link and behind Classic Link freezing characters. It has good Star KO potential due to characters sent flying in a block of ice, and its decent speed and range make it a good choice to execute during a dash. The longer the charge, the bigger the ice blocks get.


Neutral Aerial - Spin Attack - Link and Toon Link's recovery move but for Classic Link it is a regular aerial move (similar to how Mario's Mario Tornado was his down special and became his down aerial). Attacks on both sides with a spinning slash, it consists of only one hit when used in the air, being very powerful as a combo finisher or aerial finisher. Spin Attack Color - Red and Orange

Forward Aerial - Jump Attack - Classic Link does an overhead swing and brings down his sword. It meteor smashes at the the tip of the sword.

Back Aerial - Does a three kick combo.

Up Aerial - Roc's Feather - Classic Link spins his body and the Tempered Master Sword in a helicopter motion above him. Hits on frame 15-31. Great vertical knockback. The attack stays out for a short time and has good horizontal range. The Roc's Feather is on Classic Link's boot giving him a slight upwards boost when he does this move. The jumping sound from Link's Awakening can be heard when Classic Link does this move.

Down Aerial - Sticks his sword straight down, it acts as a stall-then-fall, stalling momentarily in midair before launching Classic Link downwards very quickly with no horizontal control. The beginning of the downwards descent can Meteor Smash the opponent powerfully, but it is very risky because if he misses, he will most likely self-destruct if he does not land on the ground. In addition, when Classic Link slams into the ground, any opponents near the impact point but not struck by the attack get pushed away with a fair amount of force.

Grab Aerial - Hookshot - Fires his Hookshot straight in front of him just like Toon Link's tether recovery but with longer range.


Standard Special - Silver Bow - Shoots Silver Arrows that have higher hitstun than the regular arrows, when shot the Silver Arrows leave behind a silver colored trail of light. The speed and distance of the Silver Arrows is in between Link and Toon Link's arrow speed and distance, while Classic Link's Silver Arrows go at a slight upwards angle being floatier than Link's but less than Toon Link's. Can be combined with uncharged Bombs to become Bomb Arrows for a stronger attack and effective finisher from a distance (Bombs have to be pulled out first).

Side Special - Fire Rod - Makes fiery pillars when Classic Link uses it, and he shoots diagonally in midair (similar to Ness' PK Fire). However characters are pushed back when they are trapped in the flames since the flames are still moving forward, however Classic Link would also take damage if he gets too close to the flames. The flames last for 5 seconds. If you hold the button Classic Link would hold the Fire Rod in the air charging, while doing this he can move forward or backward, and release the button for him to shoot the fiery pillars but now the fire has increased in size and power. This move can be angled if you hold the button then tilt the control stick up or down. If tilted up then released Classic Link will spin the Fire Rod horizontally above his head then fireballs will appear from the Fire Rod and move upwards attacking characters above Classic Link. If tilted down then released Classic Link will tap the bottom of the Fire Rod in front of him which creates fiery pillars in front of him and behind him. Classic Link can also use the Fire Rod while he is using the Tornado Rod and shoots the fiery pillars diagonally downwards.

Up Special - Tornado Rod - Catches a tornado that floats him up in the air. He can move left or right while rising up. Classic Link can cancel the recovery by using his aerials. He stays in the air for 6 seconds before dropping. Two other tornados will appear from the sides of him, one will move in front of him, and the other behind him, characters will be pushed back by the tornados so they don't get too close to him. Classic Link will be launch resistant when he is holding on to the rod. When he lets go of it and someone touchs it they will take damage (similar to Snake's Cypher). He can use the Fire Rod while flying by shooting the firey pillars diagonally downwards.

Down Special - Super Bomb - Classic Link's bombs can hit multiple times (similar to Young Link's bombs from Melee). If the button is held when he is about to pull out the bomb Classic Link will charge up the move, when the button is released Classic Link will pull out Super Bombs that have an increased attack power and blast radius, however it is thrown at a shorter distance. The uncharged bombs can be combined with the Silver Bow and Arrows to become Bomb Arrows for a stronger attack and effective finisher at a distance (Bombs have to be pulled out first).

Final Smash - Golden Power - Type - Transformation - Classic Link shows his hand to the camera showing The Triforce of Courage appearing on his hand, he points his sword up to the sky then his sword, shield, and boots light up and glow transforming into the Golden Master Sword, the Mirror Shield, the Titan's Mitts, Roc's Feather, and the Pegasus Boots. Classic Link's attacks will hit like Smash Attacks and can shoot sword beams regardless if he has taken damage, his shield has increased in size increasing his defense and weight, he is invincible and unaffected by attacks, the Pegasus Boots increase Classic Link's dashing speed, the Roc's Feather increase Classic Link's jumping height, he uses the Titan's Mitts as his grab with increased range and when he uses his forward throw regardless of the opponent's size, Classic Link heaves the opponent onto his back, just like carrying a crate or a barrel and can move while carrying them, and his Spin Attack now has a Golden color. When the Fire Rod is used, it is capable of changing shape, such as forming a flamethrower, turning into a larger staff to emit flame-based energy beams, and transforming into a fiery battle axe, however the final smash will be canceled after the Fire Rod is used. 


Grab - Net - Snatches characters with the Net.

Pummel - Lanturn - Burns with the Lanturn.

Front Throw - Hammer - Pushes characters away with the Hammer.

Back Throw - Ice Rod - Throws the character behind him then freezes them with the Ice Rod sending them up in the air.

Up Throw - Throws the character a short distance above him, then kicks opponent diagonally upward using a straight up kick (like a vertical split).

Down Throw - Sand Rod - Slams the foe to the ground then uses the Sand Rod to make a sand wall that burys them. 


Symbol - Triforce symbol

Entrance - Walks out of a fissure onto the stage in his drawing form then he changes to his normal form then takes out his sword and shield..

Star KO - He flies off the main stage into the background screaming.

Crowd Cheer - "Classic Link!"

Idle Pose 1 - Looks down at his belt, then shakes it.

Idle Pose 2 - Puts his sword and shield away, then dusts off his hands then quickly readies his sword and shield.

Floor Attack (front) - Gets up and punches slowly.

Floor Attack (back) - Gets up and twirls around with his foot extended.

Edge Attack (fast) - Flips over and slashes horizontally, it has decent range.

Edge Attack (slow) - Slowly picks himself up and stabs at a slight upward angle.

When Kirby swallows Classic Link with his Inhale, he will wear Classic Link's hat and copy his move Silver Bow. If Kirby fully charges the Silver Bow then they become Bomb Arrows. If Classic Link Kirby fully charges the Silver Bow, Kirby will pull out a Bomb attaching it to the arrow head becoming Bomb Arrows.

When Classic Link rolls, sidesteps, or air dodges he briefly changes into his drawing form to evade attacks. Classic Link's Shield is his drawing form (similar to Yoshi's Egg shield) and he jump out of his shield.

When Classic Link is in water swimming he will be wearing the Zora's Flippers.


Taunt 1 - Turns into a drawing, and then changes back to normal.

Taunt 2 - Jumps switching into the Pegasus Boots then runs around in circles then trips falling onto the ground.

Taunt 3 - Classic Link rings his bell while Irene is flying in the background.


Victory Pose 1 - With the Pendants of Virtue he pulls the Master Sword out of the pedastal and holds it up in the air.

Victory Pose 2 - Using the Pegasus Boots to run to the screen, gets tired, and then faints.

Victory Pose 3 - Sheaths his sword, turns into a drawing, and walks around.

Victory Music - The Legend of Zelda Victory Theme - The flourish for The Legend of Zelda series in Super Smash Bros. 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee was an excerpt of the overworld theme in the original Legend of Zelda, a track which went on to become the main theme of the series, which also appears as a standalone track in Melee.

Defeated/No Contest pose - (With the noise that happens when Classic Link dies in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds) Classic Link spins then faints face first on the ground.

Palette Swaps

- Green tunic, Brown sleeves (Default)(Green) - Red tunic, Black tights, Green sleeves (References the Red Mail from A Link Between Worlds)(Red) - Blue tunic, Yellow sleeves (References the Blue Mail from A Link Between Worlds)(Blue) - White tunic, Orange sleeves, He weilds the Magical Sword, His Fighter's Shield's base color is brown instead of blue (References the Blue Ring from the original Legend of Zelda)(White) - Purple tunic, Purple Bunny cap, Black sleeves, Black tights, Belt with a green rupee on it, Dark Blue boots while the cuffs are gray, Black hair, Green eyes, Blue and Black striped scarf, The Lorulean Shield is Classic Link's Shield when he is using this palette swap (Reference to Ravio)(Purple)

Child Link

Young Link is an alternate costume for Classic Link

- Lighter Green Tunic and cap, No sleeves, No tights, The hair color is blonde instead of orange, (Reference to Young Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask who appeared in Melee)

- Black tunic, Dark Purple sleeves, Purple eyes, His shield is similar to the Mirror Shield from a few Zelda games (Based off Dark Link)(Black)



Internet memes

"Classic Link lives up to his name! all the other Links are all cool and 3D but Classic Link is lame and 8-bit!"

"When Classic Link becomes a drawing, he looks like a stain on the wall!"

"Classic Link uses his rods as magic attacks, why can't the other Links use magic?"

"Classic Link is Link in the Middle (Like Malcolm in the Middle), he is shorter than Link but taller than Toon Link!"

"Classic Link is the richest of all the Links he even has jewlery! (Ravio's Bracelet)"

"Classic Link's Red Mail gives him black tights...THOSE TIGHTS ARE SICK!!!"
Badl1 - Copy

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