Ultimate Slitcher is a Boss Canidate for SSB4. His Theme in Phase 1: Burly Bawl from The Matrix or Poseidon's Wrath from God of War or Forze Del Male. Dan, Alice Liddell, Wreck-It Ralph, Alex Mercer, Fix-It Felix Jr., Vanellope Von Schweetz, Goku, Hercules, Little Mac, Stitch, Kratos, Cloud Strife, Misty, Sora, Riku, Goofy, Donald and Br'er Rabbit Faces Him at The Desert.

for Phase 2 = Knuckles and Chris Jericho faces him in Split Ends Mountain

for Phase 3 =

Here's The Quotes to Begin and End The Battle for Phase 1.

-Alex Mercer: We've Been out here a couple of frickin hours.

-Little Mac: Relax, we'll be there.

(The Heroes heard a Roaring/Yelling)

-Hercules: What was That?

-Wreck-It Ralph: Definitly wasnt me i just ate.

(Audience Laughs)

-Slitcher: I Wouldn't Even Guess the Disappointment

-Goku: Slitcher!

-Slitcher: You Think You Can Stop US!?!?!

-Dan: A True Hero does not fear you, Slitcher. GET YOU'RE *** OVER HERE AND FACE US!!!!!!!

-Slitcher: You Have Lived Long Enough for The Last Time, HEROES!!!

(after battle)


-Dan: C'mon Lets Go Home Because Elvis had left the building.

(Audience Laughing)

Phase 2

-Chris Jericho: I wonder where we are now. -Knuckles: I don't know . (The Two of them heard an explosion) '-Knuckles: .... -Chris Jericho: i swear i don't know what the h... that is -Slitcher: Me of course -Knuckles: Well, Excuse me Mr. Bon Jovi (Audience Laughs) -Slitcher: You'll pay for this" -Jericho: Ok how much does it cost" (Audience Laughs)

Phase 3


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