Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown is the protagonist of the M-rated "No More Heroes" franchise for the Wii. People want him in, and since Travis' creator is at good terms with Sakurai and likes Smash, he could appear. However, Travis is a foul mouth and his games have a lot of blood; that can be toned to no blood or swear words for Smash. He uses a beam katana, so his moveset could be figured out. However, this never prevented Snake from getting in. If he appears, he be voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.


B. Katana Gleam: Travis swings his beam katana in a blinding flash.

<-B-> X-slash: Travis jumps at his opponent and hits them with an X shaped slash.

B ^ Sweeping Blade: Travis flicks his blade up in a jump, and swings it back down when he lands.

B V Projectile Knockback: Travis uses his beam katana to knock back projectiles like Pit's Arrows or Mario's Fire Ball

Final Smash: N.M.H. 2 Giant Robot

Travisnenters the giant robot and slashes a massive beam katana across the entire screen.

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