This location is where all the minoins are forged and where the Smasher Trophies are scattered. In the first half, Amy Rose, King Dedede, and Rayman rescue a few trophies.

Mario Trophy: Dedede: Oh good, he's okay.

Sonic Trophy: Amy: Don't worry Sonic, we'll get you fixed.

Peach Trophy: Rayman: Alright Peach, we just need to get everyone else.

Kirby Trophy: Dedede: Hold on, Kirby, little buddy.

Little Mac: Dedede: Alright Mac, time to get you punching again.

Fox Trophy: Rayman: Alright Fox, we just need some more.

Krystal Trophy: Amy: Hang in there, Krys.

R.O.B. Trophy: Dedede: Let's get him to get beeping again.

Midna Trophy: Rayman: I got you, Midna.

Meta Knight Trophy: Dedede: Alright Meta, just hold on.

Lucas Trophy: Rayman: Alright, Lucas, I've got you.

Ness Trophy: Dedede: Okay kid, you're in good hands.

Ice Climbers Trophy: Amy: Hold on, you two.

Mr. Game and Watch Trophy: Dedede: Alrighty then, let's get you gaming.

Link Trophy: Dedede: The hero of time, just who we need.

Louie Trophy: Rayman: Alright Louie, now where's Olimar?

Marth Trophy: Rayman: Okay Marth, we just need to find a few others.

Olimar Trophy: Dedede: Good thing Olimar, we could use some Pikmin power.

Zelda Trophy: Amy: Okay Zelda, now we need five more.

Captain Falcon Trophy: Rayman: Alright Capt., four more to go.

Samus Trophy: Amy: Okay Samus, three left.

Pikachu Trophy: Dedede: Good, two more to go.

Geno Trophy: Dedede: Okay doll mage, we still need one more.

Takamaru Trophy: Rayman: Okay, that's everyone..... I think.

At the other end of the churning muck swamp, Bowser Jr. and Wolf are revived by N, who points out that the toxins are spreading and that the Chaotic King lied to them. The three band together to get the rest of the trophies.

Bowser Trophy: Bower Jr.: Don't worry daddy, I have you.

Falco Trophy: Wolf: I'm only herlping you because I have to.

Zoroark Trophy: N: A rare being, one of a kind, like me.

Claus Trophy: Wolf: I've got him, who else is here?

Dillion Trophy: N: I've seen stranger.

Lynn Trophy: Bowser Jr.: Scratch one trophy.

Lucario Trophy: Wolf: Aha!! An aura reading werewolf, just who we need!

Ganondorf Trophy: Bowser Jr.: There you go, Mr. Ganondorf.

Billy Hatcher Trophy: N: There you go.

Ghirahim Trophy: N: A truly poweful force, exactly what we need.

Wario Trophy: Wolf: There you go, gas bag.

Luigi Trophy: Wolf: Gas bag's cousin, what a surprise.

Ridley Trophy: N: A unique and mighty creature, how magnificent.

Donkey Kong Trophy: Bowser Jr.: There's one ape, now where's the other one?

Snake Trophy: Wolf: One secret agent, to go.

Diddy Kong Trophy: Bowser Jr.: Found the monkey, but where's K. Rool?

Mega Man Trophy: Wolf: Blue bomber acquired.

King K.  Rool Trophy: N: Here's the king of the alligator tribe.

Mewtwo Trophy: Bowser Jr.: Wow! It's a giant cat who has telepathic speech.

Pokemon Trainer Trophy: Wolf: I've got the boy and his pets. Five more to go.

Kat and Anna Trophy: Bowser Jr.: Cool, toddler Ninjas!

Iris Trophy: N: A child aiding her pokemon, how magnificent.

Pit Trophy: Wolf: There' you go, Angel Face.

Magnus Trophy: Wolf: I've heard of big blades, but this is ridiculous.

Palutena Trophy: N: The last being of true power... how excellent.

The two groups merge and N tells them the secret to defeating the Chaotic King: they need to take six trophy spirits to the forge and animate them to create six mighty fighters.

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