Stanley is a character canidate for SSB4. He is a retro character. Stanley is the hero in Donkey Kong 3 on the NES. Being a retro character, he does have leverage. His moveset does have limitations, with his DK3 moves revolving around bug spray. And in a way, he is Mario's cousin.  

Hw Will Be In Smsh.


(A moves... I have no idea)

B and B Forrward are normally identical:

B. <-B-> Bugspray: He pulls out a bottle of bug spray and maces his opponent. (Think of Pepper Spray when I say "maces")

But Stanley has something special if he faces an opponent's rear:

B. <-B-> (facing backpassage) Buggery: Stanley gives his opponent a bugspray enema for great damage. This is a charged attack and when fully charged his opponent will get the poisoned status.

B ^ Spray Jet: Stanley spray a can of bug spray downward to boost his jumping height.

B V Spray Spreader: Stanley spins around as he sprays from two cans, creating a ring of bugspray that damages opponents.

Final Smash: Pregnancy

It's a boy

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