Toki Tori is a small yellow chick who comes from a Gameboy Color game with his name. With a Wii U Eshop title coming and his original game doing well on the 3DS Eshop, he seems like a good 3DS canidate. His game sinvolve him saving his unhatched sibling with various gadgets, so you've got the base for a moveset, little improvising is needed.


B. Fall Trap: Toki sets a fall trap like the ones in his Gameboy Color title, that cause enemies to hit a row of spikes when stepped on.

<-B-> Freeze Ray: Self Explaitory

B ^ Teleportation: Toki Tori teleports like a few other characters, with the difference bing able to decide where you end up.

B V Vaccum Roller: Toki Tori uses his vaccum move to suck up a bowling ball and blast it along the ground.

Final Smash: IDK

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