Starry night toad by sweet candy girl-d4vievy

Toad is a rumored character for SSB4. He is part of the Mario franchise and the common citizen of the mushroom kingdom. He is easily one of the best candidates for a newcomer from the Mario series, if not the best. He is the last of the five original Mario characters not yet playable in Super Smash Bros., as well as the last of the five main protagonists who hasn't acheived this.

There have been Toads in several playable roles, such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U. Toads were chosen over other potential candidates for these roles, greatly increasing his chances. He also represents the spin-off series very well, having in been in every single Mario Kart and sports game.

However, Toad is already a part of Peach's moveset, he is not a simple character to include and it is hard for him to get his own unique solid moveset since it is very easy for him to be a clone of other characters, and with Bowser Jr. and Rosalina surpassing him in being unique and requested, Toad will not be playable.


B: Star Bits - Star bits descend from the top of the screen to deal damage. They deal consecutive damage but cannot make opponents flinch, like Fox's Blaster. Toad can control the trajectory of the Star bits as they descend.

Side B: Toad Kart - Toad jumps in a kart and drives it through opponents. It can be dismounted and remounted.

Up B: Propeller - Toad dons a propeller helmet and flies upward. Gives great vertical recovery and deals consecutive damage to nearby opponents. At the top of the ascent, the attack can deal great knockback.

Down B: Poison Mushroom - If used as an opponent is attacking Toad, it deals counter damage. Toad spits out spores to counter, like Peach's neutral special. If not, then Toad lays a poison mushroom on the ground, which can briefly stun anyone they come into contact with. Used defensively.

Final Smash: Toad Brigade - Toad calls upon the Toad Brigade to rain a fire of space objects from above. They deal lots of damage, and when it ends, the mushroom-shaped vessel comes down and explodes. Works a lot like Olimar's final smash.

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