Thunder Claw is a Boss Canidate for SSB4. He is a Tiger locaded in Chargestone Cav
Thunder Claw
e. He uses the attack "Thunder Claw", hence his name. He also uses the attacks Thunder Fang, Thunderous Roar, and Thunder. He is fought by Mordecai & Rigby. Here is the dialouge between the bluejay-and-racoon-duo before the boss battle:

(The two hear a roar)

Mordecai: Dude. We should turn back.

Rigby: Shut up, man. I'm tryin' to think. Aha! let's fight back.

Mordecai: Okay. I warned ya. there's a white tiger in front of us. He might kill us.

Rigby: Oh, what could go wrong?

Mordecai: I told you we shoulda asked Benson first. He'll be mad when he finds out.

Rigby: Y'mean IF he finds out, dontchya?

MordecaI; Okay, if. But this is a bad idea.

Thunder Claw: SILENCE!! Let's fight!!

Rigby: Oh my gosh IT TALKS!!!!

Thunder Claw: You got that right!

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