This location is a grand steel drum were all the trophies in the world of trophies come from, the place the lead villian seeks to corrupt. To stop OiramOiram12345 and GigaDeath in Legion of Darkness, The 6 legendary fighters must go to Shadow Island so they can destroy evil once the for all.

Spirit of Fire - Mario

Spirit of Wind - Link

Spirit of Water - Sonic

Spirit of Earth - MarioMario54321

Spirit of Light - Pikachu

Spirit of Darkness - CandyCao7

These character are only know as the 6 chosen ones.

Story told in Legion of Darkness

1000 years ago there was a great and powerful object, this object was known as the Light Diamond. This Diamond was made by the Ancients to protect there village from harm. But one day an Evil Dragon attacked the village, the people tryed everything but the Dragon was too strong so they had no choice but to seal the Dragon in the Light Diamond. It worked but the Dragon was so evil it over powered the Light Diamond turning it into the Dark Diamond. The Dark Diamond was locked away inside a tomb where it couldn't fall into the wrong hands. But it was fortold that one day the Dragon will break free and try to destory the world, But 6 Warriors will stop the Dragon and save the universe. 5 of these are warriors are brave heroes with hearts of gold, but the 6th one is really a greedy villain who cares about nothing but himself.

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