File:Some tetris blocks.png
Tetris are a bunch of geometrical blocks. They could be playable Characters who fight crammed together in a box, which apparently has arms and legs The blocks' names are:

Pinkish (Frank, leader)

Blue (Jerry)

Purple (Warren, the partysaurus of the group)

Red (Devin)

Yellow (Percy)

Green (Chester, a true Prankster)

And orange (Chuck, not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree)


A. Clamp

<-A-> Slide

A ^ Extend

A V Falling on the opponent

B. Blocked: The blocks form a wall as Devin and Percy fall on the opponent.

<-B-> Chester Pester: Chester spins and hurls Jerry, Chuck, and Devin like missles.

B^: Chester-Chuck Chain: Chester and Chuck form a chain. This works as a tether recovery.

BV Frank Flip: Frank makes Jerry and Warren both start flipping as Frank juggles them.

Final Smash: Tetris T-sunami: The Blocks all jump in the air so as to avoid a giant Tidal wave made of blue blocks. Like, a lot darker-blue than Jerry.

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