Taylor is a character from Pokémon Battle Revolution. She is the leader of the Main Street Colosseum. Like all Colosseum Leaders, she dresses up as a Pokémon; her costume of choice is that of a Pachirisu. She is also incontinent as But Regular & sexy & Becoming more mature. She will be a playable character in SSB4 & other Super Smash bros Games. She Voiced by Tara Strong or Other Voice Actress.


  • B:Eletrice shot
  • <>B:Lighting Dash
  • ^B:Thunder Jump
  • V B : Thrown a Pokemon then her Pachirisu Appeared
  • (Pachirisu) B: Electric Punch
  • (Pachirishu) <>B:Tail Attack
  • (Pachirishu) ^B: Upper Thunder Shock
  • (Pachirishu) V B: Returned to her pokeball Then she'll be a Playable Character Again
  • Final Smash: Lighting Trando
  • (Pachirishu) Final Smash: thunder Attacks

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