Sylux is a Blue suited Bounty Hunter from the Metroid Prime series and possible playable character in SSB4. Not much is known about it except it has a hatred towards Samus and the Galactic Federation.    

250px-Sylux mph Artwork



Shock Coil

Sylux is fitted with the Shock coil weapon which shoots a small, continuous beam of blue electricity. If this connects with the opponent, it slowly begins to drain the opponent's health, and as the beam is connected, the rate of the drainage will increase. If Sylux is the one using this weapon (which is not always the case since it is obtainable in the story and multiplayer mode) the drained health returns to Sylux, adding to its own.


Sylux's alternate form is known as the "Lockjaw." It is similar to, but faster than, the morph ball. The Lock Jaw can leave a maximum of three bombs behind it. However, these bombs will not detonate unless touched by an opponent. Instead, if the bombs are close together, a trip wire will connect the first two and will link all three, and home in on an opponent.
200px-Lockjaw mph Artwork


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