fighter series final smash
mario mario mario final
luigi mario poltergust 3000
peach mario peach blossom
bowser mario ultimate fire breath
toad mario giant turnip
donkey kong donkey kong konga beat
diddy kong donkey kong rocketbarrel barrage
king k rool donkey kong kritters
dixie kong donkey kong turret tusk
yoshi yoshi super dragon
link zelda triforce slash
zelda/impa zelda light arrow
ghirahim zelda unamed final form
ganondorf zelda beast ganon
demise zelda idk
samus metroid zero laser
ridley metroid meta ridley
ness mother pk starstorm
wario wario wario man
ashley wario explosive potions
kirby kirby cook kirby
king dedede kirby waddle dee army
meta knight kirby galaxia darkness
magolor kirby ultimate magolor


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