Starfy hails from a Gameboy advance series from Japan and a more recent title "The Legendary Starfy". Not only does he have a base in Japan and a new game available everywhere that did well, he was an assist trophy in brawl, so making him into a fighter may not be a stretch. In this game, he is the same size as Kirby in order to keep the fighters to scale.


B. Whirlpool: Starfy rotates to create a whirlpool similar to Meta Knights B standard.

<-B-> Starfy Spin: Basically what he did in brawl.

B^ Starly Boost: Starly appears beneath Starfy and boosts him upward.

B V Stafy Wheel: Starfy spins in place creating a damaging ring of water.

Final Smash: Omega Whirlpool

This is a triple sized, vaccum force, seroiusly damaging whirlpool that appears as Starfy jumps to the center of the stage and spins extremely fast.

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