• This ability cannot be copied using Mewtwo's Trace.
    • This ability can be copied, but serves little to no purpose.

Section heading

Mario- Hard-to-Get (every time Mario ducks or sidesteps to dodge a projectile, he will gain one point in Time matches. He will also gain a point if he jumps over a rolling barrel)

Donkey Kong - Barrel Conveyor (Mario will be instantly killed if a barrel is thrown at him)

Link - Time Control (if his Ocarina taunt is used, time will temporarily slow down. Does not work in Classic mode)

Samus- Beam changer ( if she does her side taunt she will change beams)

Yoshi- Kamakazi ( if he picks up shells, they will turn into rainbow shells and characters would take triple damage if thrown at them.)

Kirby- Energy Pop* (if Kirby pops a balloon while floating in mid-air, he will gain more energy to float longer)

Fox- Status Report (every time Fox dies, his status report screen from Star Fox 64 will pop up making it difficult to see the battle)

Pikachu- Klutz (will drop held items after holding them for a period of time)

Luigi - Ghostbuster (if an opponent is invisible, they will take triple damage from attacks.)

Jigglypuff- Dry Skin (takes more damage from fire attacks, takes less damage from water attacks)

Ness- Magnetic Field (all coins within ten feet of Ness will be drawn right to him during Coin matches)

Captain Falcon- Come On! (in stages with hazardous vehicles, such as the Luigi Circuit, they will run faster than normal, increasing chances of getting struck by one)

Sylux- Hater (does triple damage to Samus and Dark Samus)

Dark Samus

Dr. Mario - Virus Buster** (in Stamina Mode, Megavitamins will instantly kill yellow, red, and blue Kirby.)

Pichu- Zap counter (if Pikachu uses an electric attack or Ninten, Ness, and Lucas using their PSI moves on Pichu they will be zapped)

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong

Donkey Kong Jr.- Plumber Hatred (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Metal Mario, And Jumpman will take triple damage in stock matches, die instantly in stamina matches, and lose two points if killed in time matches.)

Lucas- Anti-Terrestrial** (Samus, Fox, and Falco take double damage from PK attacks)


Pit- Heaven's Punishment (villain characters will take double damage in all matches. These villains include Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Skull Kid, Wolf, Link (dark palette), Dark Samus, Porky, Devil, Dr. Wily, Chaos 0, Vaati, Mephiles, and Rocket Trainer)

Zelda- Light Slaughter** (if a Light Arrow is used on Ganondorf or any Dark Link during Stamina Mode, it will instantly kill them. Also, Link, Young Link, Classic Link, and Toon Link's Bow attacks will turn into Light Bows, which will have the same effect on Ganondorf and Dark Link)

Peach- Make Them Eat (food can be picked up and thrown at enemies)

Young Link - Lens of Truth (all other opponents cannot turn invisible.)

Toon Link- Hero's Charm (Villains would take double damage)

Classic Link- Timeline King (Classic Link will do 50% more damage to any Zelda character from the Zelda universe each time he is attacked. These characters include Link, Zelda, Sheik, Tetra, Ganondorf, Skull Kid, Ghirahim, Dark Link, Young Link, and Toon Link)

Sonic - Chaos Control (in Slo-Mo battles, he will fight with normal speed.)


Jumpman- Silver Hammer (on the 75m and NES stages, using a hammer on Donkey Kong will instantly kill him and make him unable to fight for the rest of the match. This happens in both stock and stamina matches)

Balloon Fighter- Balloon Life (each time he grabs a balloon while in midair, he will be able to jump two more times, increasing his evasiveness)

Conker- Fast Reload (weapons such as the Ray Gun and the Super Scope will have infinite ammo)

Banjo/Kazooie- Music Passion/Egg Toss (if Banjo is in battle, CDs will spawn more frequently and will not disappear while on the stage. If Kazooie is in battle, eggs will spawn more frequently and will cause double damage to opponents if thrown at them)

Wario- Selfish (in Coin matches, if Wario hits another opponent, he will actually take coins from the total of the opponent he has hit)

Waluigi- Second Serve** (projectiles will be deflected if he is still holding his racket after attacking with it)

Bowser- Burn of Benefits (if Yoshi is present in battle, items with appear throughout the use of Fire Breath)

Ganondorf/Classic Ganon- Fairies Be Gone (Pit's attacks will be powered down)

Mewtwo - Trace (before battle begins, Mewtwo will copy the ability of a random opponent, making it his ability as well)

Ninten- Eight Melodies** (if his Ocarina taunt is used, Link, Young Link, Toon Link, and Classic Link will instantly fall asleep)




Bowser Jr. - Paint Slip ( When he uses a paint attack on the ground, paint will appear and make characters slip).

Marth- Defender* (sword attacks will be countered against the opponent)

Chrom- Defender* (sword attacks will be countered against the opponent)

Skull Kid- Bulletproof Face* (most projectiles, including arrows and fireballs, will not affect Skull Kid. This will not protect him from deflection from the Franklin Badge, Blast Boxes, nor Light Arrows, Injection, Mario Finale, Triforce Slash, Landmaster, Conker's Tank, or fire attacks from Dragon Yoshi.)



Blaziken- Flash Fire (if hit by a fire attack, Blaziken's fire attacks' power will increase

Mega Man- Contra (characters that originate from first person shooters will only be able to shoot straight, making it hard to hit Mega Man)

Proto Man

Goemon - Ninjutsu (Attacks are stronger when fighting ninja characters)


Mr. Game and Watch- Paper Airplane (in windy stages, Mr. Game and Watch will fly across the air, making it harder to fight and easier to die. It would be best to avoid stages such as Green Greens and Summit while playing as Mr. Game and Watch)

R.O.B.- Dial-Off* (on the NES/Famicom stage, Mr. Game and Watch, Jumpman, Mega Man, Goemon, and Ninten will stop moving if the cartridge is knocked off the stage by R.O.B. Once the cartridge is inserted again, they will continue moving again)

Jigsaw: Game Breaker (on the NES/Famicom stage, the cartridge cna be removed with one hit, and all of the characters affected by R.O.B.'s ability will stop moving. The screen may also turn dark during the match.

Devil - Pest Removal (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr., and Bowser take double damage from attacks.)

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