Basically, the Smasher teams are at the heart of SSB4's plot, with each having different goals and a different leader. the teams are:

Mario Team:

-Mario, Sonic, Link, Ice Climbers, and Yoshi

- Mario Team's mission is to rescue Peach & Zelda from the Chaos King, and to stop Operation: DARK TEMPEST. Levels focus on platforming and a few timed challanges. First boss is Boom Boom; fought by Mario and Sonic in the airship colloseum. 

Samus Team:

- Samus, Snake, Megaman, Pikachu, and R.O.B.

DK Team

- DK, Fox, Mr. Game and Watch, Olimar, and Kirby

Naruto Team

-Naruto, Ben 10, Mega Man, Pokemon Trainer (May), Pac Man, and Steve (Minecraft)

- Narutos Teams mission is to rescue Mrs. Pac Man, Gwen, Sakura, and Mays Pokemon from Orochimaru, Sasuke, the 4 Pac Man Ghosts, Malware, Herobrine, and Team Rocket before they drain all their powers. 

-Narutos Team only Enemys: skeleton, zombies, spiders, malwares henchmen, orochimarus henchmen.

-Boss battles: Team Rocket (ballon), Ultimate ghost (Ghost is unbeatable unless a pacdot is collected), Orochimaru clone, Malware, Herobrine ,Sasuke (Curse Seal Level 2 Form).

-Final boss for Narutos Team: Orochimaru (snake form) vs Naruto (sage mode)

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