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The Super Smash. Infamous and famous famous for granting its captor great power.

some ideas for final smashes to new characters:

waluigi: waluigi time

peashother: lawnmower

Maxwell: t-rex

Lily : unicorn

geno: geno flash

Mallow: Burning rain

skull kid: brings the moon down

Shadow: Super Shadow (but different from super sonic)

mii: mii parade

Megaman: hyper mega man adaptor

pacman: Pac attack or classic pacman

Bomberman: bomb canon

animal crossing vilager: double golden axe

bowser jr: airship armada

Shadow Mario: Mecha Bowser summon

Kamek: big baby bowser (yoshi's island final stage of final boss)

zoroark: dance of illusions

kami trio: therian forme combo

angry birds: Mighty

Rayman: Raving Rabbids Rampage or Guitar Solo!

Krystal: Flyer Fury

Little Mac: GIGA MAC

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