THANKS Fox,I thought they had me

Slippy is a character candidate for SSB4. He is a clumsy anthroporphic frog wo is the mechanic of the Star Fox Team. He designed and built all the vehicles and weapons for the team. Slippy is the Luigi to Fox's Mario, so he might be playable.


Standard B: Energy Grenade: works like Snake's standard b

Side B: Slippy Mirrage: Works like Wolf's side B

Up B: Fire Frog: Slippy gets encased in a green flaming bullet shape as he jumps and yells: "Fire!", cannonballing to the ground afterwards

Down B: Cloaking Device: works like Meta Knight's down B, only Slippy leaves a decoy of himself before teleporting

Final Smash: Bullfrog: Slippy says "This baby can take tempratures up to 9000 degrees!" as he boards his own ship, the Bullfrog. Kinda like Fox's Landmaster, only Slippy's Bullfrog can fly freely and do loop-dee-loops if you taunt while in the Bullfrog.

Victory theme: a Polka-styled remix of Fox's victory theme.

Slippy may be a good candidate, but he's still among the annoying ones like Peppy (sheesh, someone oughta create a page for that hysterical rabbit!).

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