Slime hails from the Nintendo RPG known almost as much as pokemon, Dragon Quest, as it's mascot. Slime has been rumored before, and it seems like a good choice. Slime is a common enemy in Story Mode, and beating Story Mode unlocks a playable Slime for Classic Mode. 


B. Splash: Slime splashes itself against the ground to damage enemies and slow them down.

<-B-> Slide: Slime turns into a puddle and slides, causing opponents to slip on it and take damage as a result.

B^ Slime Stack: Two slimes get beneath slime and toss him upwards.

B V Bubble Slime: Slime melts and sends bursting bubbles outwards.

Final Smash: King Slime

Seven other slimes merge with Slime, creating King Slime, and the rest is like Giga Bowser, only with cooler attacks.

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