Simon Belmont is a character belonging to Nintendo's long time partner company Konami. He is a vampire slayer and is famous for using a whip to fight.

Chances of getting in

Simon may not have gotten a good chance at first not being from a kid friendly franchise, but that lost solidity when Snake appeared in Brawl. He also offers a moveset that smash hasn't seen yet, not to mention he has been on Nintendo consoles and a will appear in new 3DS title. So there's a considerably good chance to see him.


A. Amored Punch

<-A-> Hunter's Kick

A ^ Upwards Kick

A V Sliding Kick

B. Whip: A classic Castlevainia move, Simon lashes at people with his whip. Direction of whip can be adjusted.

<-B-> Holy Water: Simon throw a bottle of holy water at his opponent. 

B ^ Whip Swing: Simon swing his whip into the air and jumps across with a kick, in true Castlevainia fashion.

B V Cross Slide: Simon slides a cross rapidly along the ground and damages anyone nearby.

Final Smash: Slayer Grand Whip

Simon whip doubles in length and gains a glowing gold hue as he swishes it across the arena to knock opponents clean off.

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