Silver (2)

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog (also known as Pothead the Porcupine) is the slowest thing alive, the slowest thing alive, HE'S THE SLOWEST THING ALIIIIIIIVE!!! He will be confirmed for Smash 4 as DLC. I know. I'm from the future.


  • Silver is literally slower than Ganondorf
  • Silver can't wall jump, because that's too cool for him
  • Silver can float in the air for five seconds and than fall headfirst to the ground, giving himself a concussion
  • Silver's shielding, dodge and grab animations are even slower than Golden Sun's pacing


Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack - Silver punches like a sissy. It's the slowest and weakest jab in the game and it also has the most ending lag out of any move in the entire Super Smash Bros. series
  • Side tilt - attempts to kick but falls flat on his face.
  • Up tilt - Flails his arms above him. this move lasts for five whole seconds before Silver realizes that nothing is there
  • Down tilt - does the splits while screaming in agony
  • Dash attack - trips and falls flat on his face while saying "ow"
  • Side smash - Silver releases a blast of psychic energy. The attack does no damage and simply pushes the opponent back slightly. It has vary high ending lag
  • Up smash - Silver releases a burst of psychic energy above him. The attack uses the koopa shell sound effect and does vary low damage and knockback
  • Down smash - Silver curls up in ball on the floor and begins crying. Has no offensive uses or any uses for that matter

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial - Flails around while falling
  • Forward aerial - Punches forward weakly
  • Back aerial - Kicks behind him
  • Up aerial - does some sort of strange mid air back flip
  • Down aerial - plummets downward head first at an insanely fast velocity

Special Moves

  • Neutral special - Psychic Bitch Slap: slaps the opponent stunning them for a brief moment. Has vary high ending lag making pretty much useless
  • Side special - Teleport Dash: teleports one inch forward before falling to the ground
  • Up special - Table Ride: Silver rides a table upward with psychic power before falling back down. if the table touches solid ground while falling it will explode only damaging Silver. Max vertical height is to low to be useful for recovery. The explosion is powerful enough to kill Silver at 0%.
  • Down special - Psychic Ground Pound: Silver slams the ground creating a psychic shockwave that stuns opponents. The shockwave only stuns opponents for a vary short time making near useless.
  • Final Smash - Silver has no Final Smash. Getting a smash ball just kills him even at 0%


  • Silver's idle pose is him looking depressed occasionally looking at a handgun contemplating suicide
  • Silver's on-screen appearance involves him slowly floating down while a cartoony UFO sound effect plays before falling flat on his face


  • Side taunt - Silver looks depressed while saying "It's hopeless..."
  • Up taunt - Silver holds a handgun up to his head and pulls the trigger only for it to not have any bullets, he then sighs and says "Damn it..."
  • Down taunt - Silver smokes a joint

Victory theme

  • Silver has no victory theme

Victory poses

  • Silver has no victory poses because the game crashes if he somehow wins