Silver (2)

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive. He will eventually be confirmed for Smash 4 as DLC.


Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack - has a jab combo and a rapid jab, jab combo is similar to Sonic's jab combo while his rapid jab is similar to Fox's rapid jab
  • Side tilt - similar to Sonic's side tilt
  • Up tilt - A kicking uppercut with his left foot. Based on the Sonic Up-Draft move from Sonic Battle
  • Down tilt - similar to Sonic's down tilt
  • Dash attack - Stops abruptly and lunges sideways a short distance with his elbow out
  • Side smash - similar to Sonic's side smash but is a bit stronger
  • Up smash - similar to Sonic's up smash but stronger
  • Down smash - A multi-hitting "break-dance" kick. Based on the Sonic Flare from Sonic Battle

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial - similar to Sonic's neutral aerial but with wider range
  • Forward aerial - Flips forward and sends his heel out in a front-flipping axe kick. Based on the Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle. Can meteor smash at the heel of the foot.
  • Back aerial - similar to Sonic's back aerial but a bit stronger and has very little starting, ending and landing lag
  • Up aerial - similar to Sonic's up aerial
  • Down aerial - similar to Sonic's down aerial but can bounce off of opponents

Special Moves

  • Neutral special - Psycho Blast: a chargeable version of Ryu's Hadouken
  • Side special - Teleport Dash: similar in function to Falco's Falco Phantasm but goes the same length as Fox's Fox Illusion
  • Up special - Teleport Flip: Silver kicks the opponent up, teleports to their destination, and then kicks them away. Works similar to Zelda's Farore's Wind
  • Down special - Psy-Counter: Does a pose similar to Greninja's Substitute, and then when hit, he punches the opponent away
  • Final Smash - Super Silver: similar to Super Sonic but has twice the power Super Sonic does


  • Silver's idle pose is similar to Sonic's but slower. One of his idle animations has him looking from left to right and to left again, and his second one has him fist pump the air
  • Silver's dodging, shielding and grab animations are similar to Sonic's
  • Silver's dashing animation is similar to Mewtwo's
  • Silver's on-screen appearance involves him teleporting onto the battlefield and giving a thumbs up
  • Silver can float in a similar way to Peach
  • Silver can wall jump
  • Silver is slightly slower but stronger than Sonic


  • Side taunt - does something similar to Shadow's ending pose while saying "I won't lose!"
  • Up taunt - does his character select animation from the Mario & Sonic games and says "Alright! Here it goes!"
  • Down taunt - does something similar to Mewtwo's down taunt

Victory theme

  • Same as Sonic's victory theme

Victory poses

  • 1st - Teleports onto the field, puts his left hand near his face, and then sends it away while saying "I won't be beat!"
  • 2nd - does a similar animation to Mewtwo's side taunt while looking at the sky and saying "It's no use!"
  • 3rd - does his 1st place animation from the Mario & Sonic games while saying "That was easy!"

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