Shantae hails from the sucessful portable franchise of the same name. Not only is Shantae a female fighter, but her moveset could involve various shapeshifting abilities, a unique prospect in a Smasher. 


A. Hair Whip

<-A-> Running Hair Whip

A ^ Feather Weight Hop

A V Slam

B. Charged Hair Whip: Shantae winds up her ponytail and whips it forward. Cannot be charged.

<-B-> Elephant Charge: Shantae becomes an elephant (half the size of Bowser) and charges at the foe.

B ^ Monkey Leap: Shantae becomes a monkey and leaps upwards.

B V Spike Ball: Shanate uses the spike ball power from Risky's Revenge as a sheild.

Final Smash: Flame Gypsy Dance

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