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 Serena is the possible new Trainer for SSB4. unlike the old one, she uses six different Pokemon as six different attacks, and, unlike the other characters, she has different B-Left and B-Right attacks.

She uses one Pokemon from every generation.


B- Chesnaught/Delphox/Greninja (Chosen before match) The attack is different depending on the Pokemon:

Chesnaught: Spiky Shield (Serena is enveloped in a shield for a short time that counters all attacks)

Delphox: Mystical Fire (Delphox uses the stick at the end of its tail to create fire. It then breathes on it and it fires at the opponent)

Greninja: Water Shuriken (Greninja throws a water-enveloped Shuriken at the opponent)

B-Up- Loppunny (Bounce): Loppunny bounces high in the air, and then lands down on the ground, hoping to crush an opponent.

B-Left- Metagross (Psychic): Metagross creates a ball of enrgy and fires it at the opponent. This may also cause a random status condition.

B-Right- Lilligant (Magical Leaf): Lilligant fires leaves at a certain opponent. It never misses.

B-Down- Dugtrio (Earthquake) The ground Dugtrio is on gets rumbled, causing damage.

Final Smash: Mega Ampharos: Serena sends out Ampharos, and uses her Mega Ring to make him Mega Evolve. His attacks are SUPER POWERFUL, and only comes back if he tries to use a Smash ball or after  a certain period of time. His attacks are:

B- Charge Beam- Ampharos charges up electricity, then fires a powerful beam. The more it's charged up, the more powerful it is.

B-Up- Take Down- Ampharos grabs the opponent, then throws him down to the ground to get some extra air.

B-Side- Wild Charge- Ampharos creates a ball of lightning around him for about one second. Anyone caught in it gets damaged.

B-Down- Dragon Pulse- Ampharos kneels down and breaths a special flare. It may also trip the opponent.

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