Seppukumaru's evil grin


Seppukumaru as a boss for SSB4!

Seppekumaru holding a large ball similar to the Death Star

Seppukumaru showing off his incredible strength

Seppukumaru and the four Tsujigiri

Seppukumaru and the Four Tsujigiri

Ganbare Goemon Anime - Seppukumaru & Tsushigiri Appear! 0001

Seppukumaru and the Four Tsujigiri

Seppukumaru (Pronounced Seh-poo-koo-maru) is Goemon's arch enemy and the main villian of the Ganbare Goemon games and a possible boss for SSB4. 

Background Info

He is partnered up with The Four Tsujigiri and tries to defeat Team Goemon but keeps failing.


Seppukumaru is most remembered for his constant need to commit ritual suicide. Despite this though, he is extremely determined to defeat Goemon. As well as having a constant need to commit "seppuku," Seppukumaru was also a very vain character, who would refer to himself as "the handsomest man in the world."

Powers and Abilities

Seppukumaru is seen holding his own against Goemon for short periods of time, only to be overwhelmed. However he was shown to have enormous strength, as he would heave gigantic metallic spheres (looking suspiciously similar to the Death Star) at people.

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