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Welcome to the SSB4 Wiki!
This wiki is about the next installment of Super Smash Bros. Got any ideas? Post 'em here! We would like your help anyone can edit.
1,394 articles since The Dawn of Time!

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Character Ideas for SSB4

Our Goals

  • Get to 1500 pages.

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Classic Link or an Actual Character?



One or two people want Classic Link from A Link Between Worlds to be a newcomer, and a lot of people don't want a clone. Maybe I'm just really lazy and full of shitty ideas. Alt costume? Nah, let's just fill the roster with 3 Links! Let's put it to a vote.(visit page)

Featured article


Fucko McGee

Fucko McGee, the original deuteragonist from his Billboard 100 topping self titled album, is a confirmed newcomer for SSB4. (visit page)

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