Rundas, as he appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Rundas is an unlikely possible newcomer for Super Smash Bros. 4. He comes from the Metroid series, only appearing in the Wii title Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Special moves:

  • Standard B - Ice shot. Fires a quick shot of ice. Charge up to fire multiple, more powerful blasts that leave the opponent temporarily frozen.
  • Side B - Ice glide. Rundas's main recovery move, though upward mobility is limited. Rundas glides in midair, temporarily creating a walkway of ice that anyone can stand on.
  • Up B - Ice block. Charges up to fire up to four blocks of ice that can be aimed.
  • Down B - Ice wall. Creates a stalagmite made out of ice. The more it's charged up, the bigger it is and the longer it lasts.
  • Final Smash - Hypermode. Powers up all attacks.

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