Reshiram is a canidate for a Pokeball Pokemon for SSB4. He is N's feared pokemon and is a good Pokemon. Only heroes can ride on his back and take control of him. He can fly. He was brainwashed by leon and then used for  deadly battles.Attacks are as follows. 

Blue Flare

A scoarching blue fire that does damage and stuns enemies for three seconds.

Fusion Flare

The dragon throws a giant fireball that does 25%.

When you win a fight as every starter character, you will unlock Reshiram as a playable character.


standard B: Anti SOPA missile

Side B: ROAR!!!

up B: Flying :D

Down B: High Five

Final Smash: Speedrun

Reshiram Sprite

Picture of Reshiram in Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2.

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