Reggie on being in the next Smash Bros01:19

Reggie on being in the next Smash Bros. Game


Reggie's death stare

Sora's Sakurai Iwata has considered putting Reggie in the game. To this comment, Reggie promptly responded with "My body is ready". A petition to get him confirmed into the game can be seen  here:

Move List

I can see Reggie having all sorts of classic SNES items. This isn't confirmed, but it'd be a really awesome idea.

A. Power Glove Punch

<-A-> Power Glove Backhand, it would be slower, but more powerfull and have a larger attack radius

A ^ Power Glove Upper Cut

A V Low Wand Swish

B- He uses the Nintnedo Zapper and launches a stunning shot at the opponent

<-B-> Reggie takes out a Wii Remote and Nunchuck then does a twirling attack similar to Mario

B ^ Luma Lift: Reggie uses the virtual boy attached to his face and shoots lazers at the ground, propelling him upwards

B V Reggie turns into stone, solidifying that he is always ready

Final Smash: My Body is Ready Slam 
Bodily readiness intensifies

The background change of Reggie's Final Smash.

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