This version is Mario in his referee outfit from the first punchout game. However, you don't actually use him. Referee Mario can switch out Aran Ryan, Bald Bull, and Super Macho Man. He appears in Classic mode as an unlockable and not in the story mode of SSB4.

This would work

Unlike Dr. Mario, Referee Mario has the potential for an actual unique character. Like a pokemon trainer, he can use B V to switch boxers, a good way to put some of Mac's foes in for Punch Out bad guy represenatives.


B V Switch out boxers

Final Smash: Dreamland Express

Aran Ryan:

B. Headbutt

<-B-> Boxing Glove Rope Weapon

B ^ Rope Spring Jump

B V Elbow Scuff

Bald Bull: 

B. Fist Rotation

<-B-> Bull Charge

B ^ Alanka (or however he says that) Uppercut

B V Low Blow

Super Macho Man:

B. Release the Bogus

<-B-> Macho Spin

B ^ Crunch Uppercut

B V Macho Spin Triple

Final Smash: Dreamland Express

Referee Mario calls out Mr. Sandman to preform the Dreamland express, which knocks out anyone it hits.

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