Ray Mk III is a robot from the Custom Robo series. Specifically the main robo of the Japanese and American game Custom Robo: Arena. Due to the fact this Nintendo IP has diminished it is hard for this Ray model to join smash. However, his character made as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros: Brawl, and the last game he appeared in was only a few years prior to the last game Little Mac, a SSB4 confirmed fighter, appeared in, giving him a chance..


Neutral Special: Basic Gun: Similar to Falco's neutral special, but fires in bursts of three and knock-back is only on the third bullet.

Side Special: Charge: A short distance dash(, about half of fox's side special,) punch that has no-knock-back-frames for the majority of the animation. The middle of the dash has the character teleporting a bit forward to simulate the extreme speed. 307hm/s according to the wikia.

Up Special: Boost Jump: Similar to the second and third jumps this robo is capable of from the series, this would all Ray to jet up, and possibly similar to pikachu's Up Special, jet twice in a different direction if done immediately, from jets coming out of the feet of his boots.Down special: Standard Pod: Two pods fly out of each side of Ray, and keep moving until they bounce off of three walls of collide with a player, where they will explode, launched the player upwards.and away.

Final Smash: Standard Bomb/Illegal parts: Ray will launch a bomb in an arching trajectory, which will land in front of him at about the same distance as his charge. Anyone caught in the path of the bomb, shielding or no, will be launched up, similar to how Ike's Final smash launches you up. Ray then will fly up and around them, unleashing a wide variety of illegal parts from Custom Robo Arena. Stray bullets and bombs can still hit people not caught in the special.

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