425px-ALBW Ravio

Ravio and Sheerow

Lorulean Shield

The Lorulean Shield is Classic Link's Shield when he using his Ravio palette swap

Ravio is a mysterious supporting character in A Link Between Worlds, possible assist trophy, and alternate costume of Classic Link (only his colors are taken) for SSB4.

When he is sent out he will cowardly start running away from characters dropping Smash Bros. items for characters to use. However if the characters drop or throw away the items, his pet bird Sheerow will take the items back.


At the beginning of the game Ravio gives Classic Link the bracelet that will eventually allow him to turn into a drawing and merge within walls. He is Classic Link's Lorulian counterpart. His outfit is very similar to Nabbit's from Mario and pays homage to A Link to The Past where the Classic Link in that game became a bunny in the Dark World until he obtained the Moon Pearl.

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