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The Prince of the Sablé Kingdom ( referred to as Sabure Prince in SSBB ) is the protagonist in the Japan-only Game Boy game “For the frog the bell tolls” . Due to being named by the player in the beginning of the game he has no official name , but is often referred to by his title . He has a friendly rivalry with Prince Richard of the neighboring Custard Kingdom with whom he competes in almost everything .

Sabure is also very good with the sword , but he can also transform himself in a Frog or in a Snake .

He appeared also in SSBB as a sticker .

He has many possibilities to appear in SSB4 as a playable character , because he is a Retro character ( and Masahiro likes the Retro characters ) and because he is popular in Japan .


B. Swift Swipe: Saubre flicks his blade with razor percision.

<-B-> Snake Bite: Saubre turns into a snake and bites his opponent.

B ^ Frog Jump: Saubre changes into a frog and hops upwards.

B V Downward Thrust: Self Explainitory. 

Final Smash: IDK

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