The Primid is the principal common enemy in SSBB in the Subspace emissary .

They are formed by some shadow bugs and there are many variants of a classic Primid for example the Fire,  Boom, scope, sword, metal, big, and normal Primid . and is alittle heavy

They could return in SSB4 in the new story mode as common enemy or maybe one as a playable character, or as a character and set apart as multiple enemies.

Possible moveset could be based off of all the functions of the different Primids

Standard B: Breath of the Fire Primid

Side B: Boomerang throw from boom Primid

Up B: involves twirling scope lifting him upwards and shooting mini shots 

Down B: Metal Primid (is like kirby's down special only with metal primid only)

Side smash: the charged punch

Down Smash: Dual Scope attack shooting two big shots angled downward

Up Smash: Sword Swipe

Standard move: Combo of the regular Primid

Standard Side: Kick combo of Regular Primid

Up tilt: Swipes with his hand (or whatever it is he has)

Down Tilt: Down Sword beam stab

Final Smash: Giant Primid

Standard Aerial:fire spin move 

Forward air:forward air sword attack

Back Air:Hits backward with boomerang (not throwing it)

Up Air: same as up b without propelling you upward but with the boomerang

Down Air:Downward Sword spinning attack

grabs with both hands

standard sends a shadow bug onto you

Down throw: throws you downward

Forward is throwing you forward grappiling you with shadow bugs and slamming you down

back throw is a punch at the gut throwing u backwards

and up throw is throwing you up shooting shadow bugs at you

SSB4 Primid.

His Down Taunt is him Disassembling and reassembling, His side Taunt is Changing faces, His Up Taunt is him looking around as if there's no one there

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