Poochy is an ally that has appeared in the Yoshi series thrice: in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, in Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's New Island. He is an odd-looking dog, considering the fact that he doesn't have ears and a nose, and that his lips are protruding. Poochy comes in handy if the Yoshis need to cross certain terrains that is inaccessible to the Yoshis; thus, the Yoshis ride Poochy across said terrain, taking them to a safe environment, he is a possible playable character for SSB4.           


All of Poochy's moves revolve around his tounge.  

Neutral Special - Egg Lay - (Similar to Yoshi's Egg Lay) Poochy sticks his tounge out, pulling in and swallowing any enemy touched near by, causing around 7% damage and turning them into an egg for a few seconds. 

Side Special - Poochy Missle - (Similar to Pikachu's Quick Attack) After a short delay, Poochy moves in a straight line in the direction in which the player's control stick is tilted, or upwards if it is not tilted. A tilt of the control stick in a different direction will cause another, similar burst. The high speed of this move renders Poochy nearly invulnerable.

Up Special - Tounge Copter - Poochy twirls his tounge above his head and hovers like a helicopter.

Down Special - Dig - Poochy digs into the ground. Poochy can move while underground, and attack another Poochy underground (considering if he is fighting another Poochy).

Final Smash - Yoshi Stampede - (From Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door the move is used by Yoshi) Poochy whistles and summons a Yoshi herd (The Yoshis are different colors) to attack all enemies.

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