Red is a character canidate for SSB4. He appears in his Fire Red/Leaf Green appearance. His

Red with his Pokemon pals

Pokemon of choice are the coragous Blastoise, previously the cowardly Squirtle, the eccentric Charizard, and the fierce Venusaur, previously the lazy Ivysaur.

Red's sprite from HGSS and B2W2.

Special Moves

Down: Pokemon Change

Final Smash: Triple Finish


Standard: Hydro Pump

Side: Surf

Up: Waterfall

Final Smash: Hydro Cannon (In Triple Finish)


Standard: Flamethrower ( Better Range )

Side: Fire Spin

Up: Fly

Final Smash: Blast Burn (In Triple Finish)


Standard: Bullet Seed (He fires an array of seeds from his mouth)

Side: Razor Leaf

Up: Vine Whip

Final Smash: Frenzy Plant (In Triple Finish)

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