Pit's design in SSB4.

Pit is the main character in the Kid Icarus games.

He is an angel, infact he can fly, but he can also use a lot of different weapons like the "Palutena's arc" , that he use also in SSBB.

Before SSBB he was a "retro character," but after SSBB he became famous. In fact, on February 2012, Masahiro Sakurai (the creator of SSB series) finished his last game called Kid Icarus: Uprising.

He returns but with a slight differences and new moves for SSB4. 

He appeared also in the whiteboard drawing, that Masahiro made on July 2, 2012. His new moves may implement some of the elements seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He also may be voiced by Antony Del Rio.


(His A moves and B move remain the same)

<-B-> Upperdash Arm

B^ Power of Flight: This a smoother version of Pit's flight in Brawl.

B v: Guardian Orbitars

Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures: Pit equips the Treasures and fires an endless stream of light arrows. Direction is controlled the same as movement.

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