Paper Mario is the main character in " Paper Mario " games.

He became very famous and a lot of people want him in SSB4 as a playable character.

Some people said that he will become a clone of Mario because he is Mario but in 2D. He could also represent his own franchise and not the regular Mario franchise. He could use the special attacks in "Paper Mario" games like the scissors or the ventilator. He also has character specific assists, the only other character besides Krystal and Rayman that has these. His assists are partners from his RPG franchise. He'd be unlocked in Versus Mode, where you unlock him by playing as Mario 20 times, or beating Mr. Game and Watch as Mario in Flat Zone.


A. uses a sticker for a slap

<-A-> hits sideways with his hammer

A ^ hits with a worn hammer attack

A V Hammer Sweep slides his hammer forward

B. Fire Flower or Ice Flower ball 

<-B-> Slap Hammer: Paper Mario spins with his hammer and hits everyone nearby.

B ^  The special jump he did by folding his body then releasing it for a big 3rd jump

B V Hurl Hammer: Paper Mario hurls a hammer and it gets bigger and falls down

Dash attack: pushes his sticker book at someone

Side Smash:Hammer Smack: Works just like a charged hammer in Sticker 

Up Smash:a sticker smacks right above his head

Down Smash: Fire and or ice flower on both sides of him do a mini explosion move

Down Air:: The jump move

Standard Air:hammer front flip swing

Forward Air: Hits with sticker book as if checking it

Back Air: Reverse of front air

Up Air: upward hammer spin in his hand

grabs with fishing hook

standard: bonks head with hammer

Down throw: throws you down and stabs you with the thumbtack

Forward throw: throws forward and hits you with the baseball bat

Up throw: throws you up hitting you with the fan

Back throw: throws back cutting you with the scissors

Up Taunt: Looks in sticker book

Side Taunt: Kertsi gives you information about the stage

Down Taunt:throws away sticker

Final Smash: Kersti paperize move

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