Palutena SSB4


Palutena is confirmed via E3 2014 for SSB4.

Confirmed Moveset

Twirling her staff a short distance in front of her. An aerial move similar to this where Palutena twirls her staff around her body. A move where several close-ranged bursts of energy are fired from her staff in front of her consecutively. A chargeable move where Palutena creates a pair of ethereal wings that "spread" along the ground on both sides of her. This appears to be a down smash. She has a similar move where she creates wings that 'clap' in front of her, though it is not known if it can be charged. A move where she bashes enemies with her shield while dashing, likely a dash attack. A move where Palutena raises her staff up and creates a pillar of light in front of her, with seemingly infinite vertical range. A throw where Palutena kicks the grabbed enemy behind her, with an animation very similar to Peach's forward tilt. Palutena is stated to use some of the equippable powers in Kid Icarus Uprising in several of her moves. Powers shown include: Heavenly Light - Palutena holds her staff up and projects a rectangular field of supernal light above her and to the sides. Its effect is not currently known. Explosive Flame - Palutena creates an explosion at what appears to be a fixed distance in front of her. Warp - Palutena disappears and then reappears elsewhere, similar to Dimensional Cape. Rocket Jump - Palutena creates an explosion at her feet that boosts her upwards and damages nearby enemies. Reflect Barrier - Palutena casts a rectangular shield in front of her which knocks opponents away and reflects projectiles. Autoreticle - Palutena swings her staff and a reticle appears at where an enemy was when she swung her staff. Palutena then fires three very fast projectiles at where the reticle is, regardless of the enemy's position at that point. Its exact mechanics remain unclear. Jump Glide - Palutena jumps a fair distance up, and then is able to 'glide' similar to Peach's float, although she slowly loses altitude. Counter - Palutena performs a basic counterattack with her staff, similar to that of the Fire Emblem characters. Super Speed - Palutena performs a charging attack where she glides along the ground very quickly, and for a long distance. She can damage enemies by ramming her body into them. Angelic Missile - Palutena shoots herself forward to attack with her own body, similar to Skull Bash and Green Missile. Celestial Firework - Palutena shoots a seemingly weak explosive projectile upwards. Lightweight - By some method, Palutena increases her speed to a degree that she can outrun even Sonic. Black Hole and Mega Laser - Palutena seems to combine these two powers to form her final smash. She starts by sucking foes towards the center of the stage with Black Hole, putting them in a tumbling state, and then fires the Mega Laser into the Black Hole to deal damage, concluding with a final hit to knock the victims away as Black Hole dissipates. Her Special Moves are stated to have more variety in customization that other characters, with her having 12 entirely different Special Moves instead of the custom moves being variations of the base ones. Seeing as how 12 abilities were named in her trailer (excluding Black Hole and Mega Laser, which are seemingly a final smash together), it is entirely possible that these moves are all her possible specials.

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