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Pac-man is confirmed for SSB4 using his updated retro appearence. 


  • Bonus Fruit, a move where he summons 8-bit fruit. This has been confirmed to be his neutral special. [3]
  • A move where he turns into his ball form and chomps on a chain of pac-dots. The player appears to be able to control the path of the dots, therefore controlling the direction of the move.
  • A move where he spawns a Fire Hydrant that shoots water with a push effect. It can also be launched with an attack into players.
  • A jab consisting of two punches followed by a kick.
  • His up air appears to be the aerial flip kick from Pac-Man World 2.
  • Turns into his ball form and dashes forward, possibly a dash attack.
  • Multiple moves that spawn 8-bit ghosts, likely his smash attacks.
  • A move (possibly his grab) where a tractor beam similar to the one used by the Galagan Bugs is emitted from Pac-Man's hand.
  • A move where Pac-Man spawns a trampoline from the Namco game Mappy that can be bounced on by other players, similarly to Sonic's Spring Jump and Mega Man's Rush Coil. The trampoline will remain where it was spawned, even in midair, and will change color from blue to yellow to red each time it is used. If the trampoline is red when it is used, it will break and the player will enter a helpless state as they fall.
  • Uptaunt where he summons classic Namco items, characters, and enemies, similar to Bonus Fruit, including those from Galaga, Mappy, Dig Dug, and Xevious..
  • A move, most likely a directional final smash, where Pac-Man turns into a giant 2-D version of his 8-bit form and goes straight forward.
  • Pac-Man can wall-jump.

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