Outer Space

Outer Space is an adventure mode candidate of ssb4. The Angry Birds are lost there when they meet Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. It is unknown how they got there, though Sasuke says they woke up there one day, to which Naruto blurts out, "Heyyyyy... wait a minute here, how in the heck are we breathing in Space without Oxegen tanks?!?!?!?" He has not enough time to wonder though, because later Geno and Mallow both come out of nowhere and explain what happened. We can't hear most of what they're saying, though, because of the following telepathic three-way Dialouge between the three ninjas:

Naruto: I don't think I can handle any more of this nonsense from this weaponry slash puppet.

Sasuke: Blah blah blah. Why is he toying with us?!

(rimshot, audience laughs)

Sakura: Heh, heh. I see what you did there.

Naruto: Yeah, me too.

Sakura: Naruto, Really? What a coincidence, huh, honey?

Naruto: Yeah.

Sasuke: Okay dude, that's enough romance for one day. Or night. I really have no idea, now that we're in space. Mallow then says, out loud, "I heard that!"






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