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An awesome system

Nintendo 3DS is a total upgrade from the DS and one of the best handhelds. It is also a trophy in SSB4, but if it was playable, it might be something like this:

This odd newcomer excels at controlling space and keeping enemies moving through an obstacle course to get close. 3DS is a light, floaty character, and needs to watch out for early KOs. However, if you use 3DS's range to your advantage, then move in for the kill with a powerful smash attack, you could find yourself with quite the powerful machine in your hands.

A Attacks

Neutral- 3DS swings its stylus, pressing again swings again, and a third time is a thrust.

Uptilt- 3DS spins the stylus above it

Sidetilt- 3DS extends the stylus forward

Downtilt- Pokes at the ground with the stylus

Upsmash- 3DS forcefully launches a 3DS cartridge upwards out of its slot (The cartridge is randomized between various titles, this is simply a visual change. The most common is SSB43DS)

Sidesmash- A Play Coin shoots out of the top screen.

Downsmash- 3DS closes its lid and spins on the ground for multiple hits.

Dash- 3DS closes its lid and spins forward through the air

Neutral Air- Spins in the air, fully open. Wide hitbox, multiple weak hits.

Forward Air- Fires the crown from Find Mii out in front of it

Up Air- Shoots a piece of a panel puzzle into the air

Down Air- Closes and falls rapidly towards the ground. If this hits someone, spikes them and bounces 3DS slightly up

Back Air- Turns and fires a short-ranged spray of Play Coins

B Attacks

Neutral- Wandering Hero: A wandering hero leaps out of the screen and walks forward for a while, stopping to attack every so often. It can be either a dog or a cat, an aesthetic difference. What's not simply aesthetic is shirt colors. From most common to least common:

-Red Hero: Sword swings have a fire effect, putting a light damage over time on enemies hit. -Yellow Hero: Surrounded by a sandstorm that deals damage in an AOE  -Light Green Hero: Sweetspotted sword swings put the enemy to sleep -Light Blue Hero: Sweetspotted sword swings freeze the enemy and send them flying upward -Pink Hero: Sweetspotted sword swings have absurd knock back 

Only one Wandering Hero can exist on the stage at once. A wandering hero lasts for about five seconds

Up- Parakeet: The cute little parakeet from the 3DS music player and 3DS camera grabs 3DS by its corner and rapidly flaps its wings, flying in the direction the stick is held. The parakeet's little wings pack a surprising amount of strength, the movement producing a gust that pushes back any enemies that may try to jump in. After a short time, the parakeet gets tuckered out, dropping 3DS. 3DS isn't left helpless, able to use aerials and most specials, but not jump or use another Up Special until hitting the ground..

Side- Face Raider: A head in a propeller hat shoots out of the 3DS's top screen, rapidly zooming along, very slightly homing in towards enemies. (As a fun little detail, the Raider's face will be that of Sakurai, Iwata, Miyamoto, or Reggie)

Down- AR Trap: 3DS places an AR card on the field. If someone walks over it, the googly-eyed box from AR Games pops out of it, sending the opponent flying upwards. Max 2 traps.


A small version of the final boss of Find Mii, Ultimate Ghost, floats out of 3DS's top screen. If it touches someone, it grabs them and pulls them back towards 3DS.

Attack- Ultimate Ghost claws at the opponent.

Forward-Ultimate Ghost pulls the opponent into 3DS's screen. 3DS closes its lid and spins, before "spitting" them out forwards, sending them flying.

Up- Ultimate Ghost pulls the opponent into 3DS's screen. 3DS closes its lid and spins, before "spitting" them out upwards, sending them flying.

Down- Ultimate Ghost pulls the opponent into 3DS's screen. 3DS closes its lid and spins, before "spitting" them out, sending them sliding along the ground backwards.

Back- Ultimate Ghost pulls the opponent into 3DS's screen. 3DS closes its lid and spins, before "spitting" them out backwards, sending them flying.

Final Smash: Take A Look Inside

3DS closes its lid and begins to spin, producing suction around the stage that grows stronger the closer the opponent is to 3DS. After a the spinning ends, 3DS flings open, a geyser of goombas, miks, red shells, wall drawing Links, Play Coins, and other odds and ends from 3DS games errupts from the top screen, a powerful stream that's almost sure to KO.


Wiimote Sound: The jingle played when hovering over Settings in the 3DS menu. Intro: 3DS emerges from a 3DS box and plays the start up sound. Idle: 3DS mostly stands still, the stylus darting about. Every so often, the stylus begins to tap at the bottom screen as a game is played on the top screen. Taunt 1: 3DS closes and spins on a corner. Taunt 2: 3DS closes and the two cameras on its lid flash like scary eyes as the laugh from Face Raiders plays Taunt 3: 3DS turns to the screen and plays the jingle of a 3DS game (Pokemon X/Y, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 7, and more) Win Pose 1: 3DS wears the Find Mii crown and is surrounded by cheering Wandering Heroes. Win Pose 2: 3DS plays a match of SSB4 on its screen. Win Pose 3: 3DS spins and opens up, flinging Play Coins everywhere. Lose Pose: 3DS projects a pair of clapping hands from its top screen. Kirby Hat: Kirby gains a 3DS on his head. Victory Theme: The jingle that plays when you hover over AR Games on the 3DS menu

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