The Nemean Lion is a monstrous lion, the son of Typhon and Echidna. The Nemean Lion lived around Nemea and made the life in the valleys nearby dangerous. It played a role in one of Hercules' labors; Hercules was told to kill it. Since it could not be harmed by any weapon, Hercules suffocated it to death. From its body Hercules took its skull as a helmet and from its skin he made a mantleIn God of War Design of the Nemean LionAdded by Venage237The Nemean Lion is briefly seen on a carving that Kratos ran on with the Boots of Hermes. It showed Hercules wrestling with the creature while Zeus and Hera watched. The Nemean Lion's physical look on the carving showed that its size rivaled that of Hercules' and its tail was that of a scorpion. Nemean CestusAdded by Venage237Hercules' weapon, the Nemean Cestus were named after the beast. The lion's defeat was briefly mentioned by Hercules before he fought Kratos.In Hercules Nemean Lion (Disney's Hercules)Added by Venage237The Nemean Lion was the scourge of Nemea who was feared by all its inhabitants. In the film, the Nemean Lion appeared in the Zero to Hero segment wherein he was sent by Hades to kill Hercules, however Hercules easily defeated him with a swift punch and a kick to the rear thus increasing Hercules' fame. He also appeared in the animated series where it is revealed that he also fought a young Hercules but believed that Hercules' friend Icarus was the one who defeated him. In the episode, after having defeated all of Nemea's warriors he grew bored and came to Athens hoping to find some half worthy heroes to fight him.

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