the characters in my ideas for this game will be:

Ssb4 logos

  • mario (mario
  • peach (mario)
  • yoshi (yoshi island)
  • donkey kong (dk)
  • diddy kong (dk)
  • dixie kong (dk)
  • donkey kong jr. (dk)
  • link (legend of zelda)
  • zelda/sheik (legend of zelda)
  • kirby (kirby
  • king dedede (kirby)
  • pikachu (pokemon)
  • pichu (pokemon)
  • mewtwo (pokemon)
  • jigglypuff (pokemon)
  • blaziken (pokemon)
  • pokemon trainer (calem) fennekin, quilladin, and greninja (pokemon)
  • mickey mouse (epic mickey)
  • megaman (megaman)
  • wii fit trainer (wii fit)
  • animal crosser (animal crossing)
  • captain falcon (f-zero)
  • zero (megaman x)
  • olimar (pikmin)
  • fox (star fox)
  • samus (metroid)
  • sylux (metroid)
  • marth (fire emblem)
  • power rangers (mighty morphin power rangers)
  • birdo (mario)
  • ness (earthbound)
  • latios & latias (pokemon)
  • naruto (naruto)
  • goku (dragon ball)
  • knuckle joe (kirby)
  • waluigi (mario)
  • wario (mario)(replacing warioware version)
  • sonic (sonic)
  • pit (kid icaris)
  • bowser (mario)
  • sora (kingdom hearts)
  • lloyd irving (tales of symphonia)
  • cloud strife (final fantasy)
  • neku sakuraba (the world ends with you)
  • chrom (fire emblem)
  • meta knight (kirby)
  • luigi (marioi)
  • roxas (kingdom hearts)
  • toon link (legend of zelda)
  • roy (fire emblem)
  • ninten (earthbound)
  • classic link (legend of zelda)
  • goemon (mystical ninja)
  • yae (mystical ninja)

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