Zero Suit Samus

Hi, I'm Mr.SL, today, I will be revealing my dream roster for Super Smash Bros 4. Keep in mind, this is all opinon, and I hope other user's roster can be revealed. Also, let me know what you think.

Returning Veterans (and dream voice actors)

1. Mario (Charles Martinent)

2. Donkey Kong (Takasi Nagasako)

3. Link (Takashi Ohara)

4. Samus/Zero Suit Samus (Jessica Martin)

5. Yoshi  (Kazumi Totaka)

6. Kirby (Makiko Ohmoto)

7. Fox (Jim Walker)

8. Pikachu (Ikue Otani)

9. Luigi (Charles Martinent)

10. Captain Falcon (Ryo Horikawa)

11. Ness (Makiko Ohmoto)

12. Bowser (Kenny James)

13. Peach (Samantha Kelly)

14. Zelda/Shiek (Yu Shimamura)

15. Marth (Spike Spencer)

16. Mr.Game and Watch (None)

17. Falco (Dex Manley)

18. Ganondorf (Hironori Miyata)

19. Wario (Charles Martient)

20. Meta Knight (Eric Newsome)

21. Pit (Antony Del Rio)

22. Olimar (None)

23. Diddy Kong (Katsumi Suzuki)

24. King Dedede (Mashiro Sakuari)

25. Lucario (Bill Rogers)

26. Ike (Jason Adkins)

27.  R.O.B (None)

28. Jigglypuff (Rachael Lillis)

29. Toon Link (Yuki Kodaira)

30. Wolf (Jay Ward)

31. Snake (David Hayter)

32. Sonic (Roger Craig Smith)

33. Mewtwo (Dan Green)

34. Roy (James Arnold Taylor)


1. Mega Man (Chris Cason)

2. Villager (None)

3. Wii Fit Trainer (October Moore)

4. Chrom (Matthew Mercer)

5. Professor Layton (Christopher Robin Miller)

6. Issac (Troy Baker)

7. Little Mac (Matt Hardy)

8. Travis Touchdown (Robin Atkin Downes)

9. Lucina (Laura Bailey)

10. Krystal (Alesia Glidewell)]

11. Zoroark (Romi Park)

12. Sonia (Fire Emblem/Jennifer Hale)

13. Princess Rosalina (Mercedes Rose)

14. Vector The Crocodile (Keith Silverstein)

15. Silver The Hedgehog (Quinton Flynn)

16. Leon (Jim Walker)

17. Ridley (Probably no voice, but if, Clancy Brown)

18. Ghirahim (Anri Katsu)

19. Dr. Eggman (Mike Pollack)

20. Lyn (Lani Manella)

21. Bayonetta (Hellena Taylor)

22. Genesect (Travis Willingham)

23. Shadow The Hedgehog (Jason Griffith)

24. Knuckles The Echinda (Travis Willingham)

25. Magnus (Fred Tatasciore)

26. Palutena (Ali Hillis)

27. Vatti (none)

28. Anthony (Mike McGillicuty)

29. Jet The Hawk (Micheal Yurcak)

30. Dark Samus (Jennifer Hale)


That is it, thank you for reading.

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